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Last week, I wrote that my intention for this new year is to lead from a place of love. Shifting my perspective in that way has already enabled me to make another unexpected shift — one that is changing my day-to-day life for the better. Now, instead of waking up each day and saying, “I ‘have to’ go to work… I ‘have to’ write something smart and insightful… I ‘have’ to meet with so-and-so…,” I have decided to turn my “have to’s” into “I get to's."

 Now, I wake up and tell myself, I get to experience this new day! I get to go to work!

 I also get to take a walk. I get to formulate new dreams for this new day and this new year. How blessed am I? How blessed are all of us for whom these things are still possible?

The list of my “get to’s” goes on and on. I get to wake up in the greatest country on earth.  I get to imagine my vision for this new day. I get to evolve and grow and learn. Yes, I get to learn new things every day, if I so choose.

 ~ Maria Shriver
















Grade School &
High School

SHS Classes of
59, 60, 62, 63



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  1   Virginia Harris Babcock
  1   John Harper
  1   Tom Saunders
  2   Richard Carlson
  4   East, Mike
  7   Steve Hinrichs
  8   Sharon Trudeau Mullin
11   Doug Cruickshank class of '62
14   Sylvia Dobes Harvey
15   Sharon Willoughby Stuve
19   Bob Evenson
19   Darlene Kelly
19   Darrell Linklater
20   Shirley white Burdon
21   Dick Putnam
25   Lyle Fox
25   Elaine (Alayne) Gross
28   Melba Smith Mitchell

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Our Class Events for 2018

56th year Reunion

at Roaring Rapids Pizza Parlor

Friday August 10, 2018 
5 to 8pm under the tent




First Tuesday of every month
  Luncheon for classmates and spouses

Papa's Pizza Parlor 
1577 Coburg RD.
 arrive about 11:15 to 11:30


Come join the fun!



  Desert Gathering    February 23 - 26, 2018
Same as last year.  Always the last weekend in February. 
    Come early stay late.  Fun to be had for one and all. 
    Let us know if you will be attending
Jim Pedersen  for more information. 

Friday Night the 23th
Jim cooks.  People add salads, side dishes and dessert.

Saturday the 24th:  Everyone fixes own Breakfast and Lunch.
3:00 everyone goes over to Mel and Sandys new home for Margaritas.
Back at the Pedersen's for Mexican Food and everyone cooks whatever they want to.  Probably eat around 6:00

Sunday the 25th:  Everyone on their own for Breakfast and Lunch. 
We will carpool over to Terrys and Phyllis's for Snacks, Drinks and things.  
Out to eat for dinner and Home again, Home again, Jiggery Jog. 
Or is that" Jiggity Jog"?

Monday the 26thJim cooks Breakfast for all.
Dinner is at Fred's Cowboy Steakhouse.  

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JUNE 13 -15 , 2018    (Wednesday & Thurday nights)


Photos   2011   2012    2013    2014     2017

All male classmates from Springfield and Thurston High Schools
and the spouses or significant others of the female classmates
(doesn't have to be Class of '61)
are encouraged to attend



 Campout at Camp Sherman RV Resort

August 22 - 26, 2018

 For a reservation contact Mel & Sandy Paxton  for a RV site or motel room. 

        JOIN THE FUN        
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This is a permanent site devoted to the 
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