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Kaldahl, Dale
March 2, 1997




    Dale Kaldahl died March 2 of a pancreatic hemorrhage.  He was 54 and resided in Eugene, Oregon.

    Kaldahl was born Jan. 30, 1943, in Omaha, Neb., to Eiler and Karen Kalhahl.  The family moved to this area the same year.  He attended schools in Springfield, graduating from Springfield High School in 1961. 
    He served in the National Guard and worked for Waremart for many years.  He also worked for the Eugene School district and enjoyed fishing and hunting.
    Survivors include his mother, Karen Miller of Springfield; a daughter, Lisa of Eugene; a brother, Norman of Corvallis; and a half-brother, Vernon of Hardy, Neb.

“Remember Dale and his little Sports Car? One of the things Dale ‘LOVED’ to do was to take a first-time-rider down South A and turn North at Paramount Market, then he would swerve down a side street and as the rider was checking his/her shorts (to see if they were wet), a huge German Shepherd would run out as if to rip your arm off! I swear that dog’s head was the size of a basketball and it’s teeth looked like they were 10” long! Dale would laugh his head-off! I remember a second time Dale pulled that little stunt on me, as he swerved down the side street, I very calmly put my arm inside the car and leaned-over towards him and he said, I guess I must have pulled this on you before! And sure enough, that dog was Johnny-on-the-spot.”  I asked Dale if he ever worried that big dog would ever get him?  Dale said no he can’t catch me, I’m going to fast!  -  Mike Ayers


Keck Wilson, Arline



Medford, OR

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Full-time secretary with Asante Child Development Services worship leader at church. I play guitar, love bicycling and am learning to downhill ski. Very bitten by the "rubber stamp bug."
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Some ups and downs - married to a man who loves me and his children very much. Have traveled to Jordan and Israel and have participated in a short term mission to the Dominican Republic. Have lived in the same community for nearly 30 years and have enjoyed being a mother and homemaker (I didn't go to work till the children were raised). I love being a grandma and spend a lot of time with the four who live in this area. I am very involved in my church (Cornerstone Christian) and feel my life is very blessed. Best job ever - teaching kindergarten in a Christian school 15 years ago. Lots of hugs - can't beat that.


   Its been a long time since I have written anything about what I am doing.  Like most of you, I am now among the retired and absolutely love it.  Five years ago, I started taking viola lessons again (after 45 years) and am now playing with two quartets and a small orchestra in Ashland.  It is lots of fun and I've made many new friends.
   My hobbies still include rubber stamping and I pretty much make all of the greeting cards sent out (over 100 at Christmas) and I also am very involved with Creative Memories (as consultant) and have made several traditional and digital photo albums, etc.  Oh, yea, and my favorite winter fun is whooshing down Mt Ashland on my skis.  I started learning to downhill about 9 years ago and I'm totally hooked.  Only two more years and I can ski for free.  Hot dog!  Okay, okay - I'm not really a crazy woman - - - I make sure I am not surrounded by teenage snowboarders when I start down the run.  ha ha ha
  Garry, my husband of 42 years, and I attend a church that has a food and clothing ministry and we volunteer there.  We (the program) serve a hot meal every Saturday and feed about 150 folks.  We also distribute bags of groceries, give out clothing, cut hair and do medical screenings (we have a nurse practitioner on board). 
  Every Tuesday morning I pick up a 14 year old boy who has autism and we spend three hours together - sometimes ending our time having lunch.  He is verbal so we are able to have conversation of sorts.  He does, however, get stimulated by things like electronics, fountains, and Christmas lights and it is hard to turn him at times.  He's a good boy and we generally have a pretty good time together.
  I recently became our neighborhood coordinator for the Medford Food Project.  It is a brand new program here in Medford, designed after a very successful program in Ashland and Talent, whereby all who participate have opportunity to share with their community all year long with very little effort.  The coordinators pass out empty reusable green bags, the folks who receive them have two months to put non-perishable items in the bag, and then we, the coordinators, come pick them up on a designated day, leave them another empty bag, take the food to the assigned drop off, and start all over again.  I'm very excited to be part of this really cool program.
  I have a very sweet little dog that we adopted last year.  He is a terrier mix and loves me so much.  Garry calls him my velcro dog because he sticks to me like velcro.  I'm having fun teaching him all sorts of tricks and manners.  He didn't know anything when he came to us (he was four years old when we got him).  His only problem is he's a food maniac and we can't leave him alone in the house - so he has a kennel for when we have to go to church or out to dinner.
   Garry and I have eleven grandchildren - no greats yet.  Our most recent addition was this last August when our daughter and her husband traveled to Ethiopia and brought back two of the cutest twin baby girls you would ever want to see.  They were ten months then and are now 15 months and have just started toddling pretty good.  I call them my little chocolate drops.  They are so so sweet.  We have other families in our church with ethnic babies and children so they won't feel too isolated.  My daughters other children range in age from 13 to 19 and are absolutely in love with their new sisters.  You should see the boys with them.  It is a joy to watch.
  Garry is so sweet to me and is always trying to keep up with my crazy ideas.  Last summer he built me a lovely pergola in the back yard, complete with bench and this spring he is going to put in a little pond with a waterfall outside our living room window.  We have lots of bird feeders in our back yard and enjoy watching the birds feed.
  Well, now that I've pretty much written a novel, I guess I will stop and hope to catch up with some of you at the reunion.  Yup, we'll be there, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, as the old saying goes.
  Its been fun to read about so many of you.  I hope more of you will take the time to let us all in on some of your past times and hobbies.


Kelly, Darlene

San Francisco, CA


Son:  Joshua; Grandson: Spencer
CURRENT ACTIVITIES:  Early Childhood Education Administrator, Professional Astrologer, on-line writer, chorus member/performer.  Especially enjoy live theater, gardening, women's spirituality group, my grandson, studies in Feng Shui and Taoism.  I try to focus on the present and observe the following:   "Things arise and she lets them come; things disappear and she lets them go.  She has but doesn't posses, acts but doesn't expect.  When her work is done, she forgets it."  -Lao-tsu (Tao Te Ching, Chapter 2, Stephen Mitchell: translator)






Son: Joshua; Grandchildren: Spencer, Grace

I am still working with children, still singing in choruses, still interested in many forms of spirituality and personal growth.  I imagine pursuing new learning projects and celebrating my ability to change throughout the coming years.


Post SHS, I went to the U of O (BS Sociology 1966).  I had several jobs through the years (PacBell long distance operator, hotel receptionist, VISTA volunteer, professional astrologer, etc) before settling in San Francisco and becoming a single parent in 1968.  My focus on early childhood education began with CCSF early childhood observation classes and parent cooperatives.  My ECE career has spanned almost 50 years now, 50 ECE units, work with all ages of youth in over 20 SF schools and in every position within them from assistant to director, board member and CA Peer Reviewer.  Currently I continue to work part time as an after school art teacher.
Working with children has been a wonderful mindfulness experience, each moment requiring fully focused attention, fairness and compassion.  It feels like I'm learning, growing and totally alive every day of work.
I most enjoy my son Josh and grandchildren, Spencer and Gracie, who live in nearby Marin and are all very talented.  They inspire me to tell stories real and imagined.  Currently we are collaborating on a chapter book and I am trying to make better progress writing my legacy of memoirs.  I also plan to go further back in my genealogical research  (1700's so far). 
I have sung in choruses for about 25 years, the last 10 with Threshold Choir, a non denominational group that sings at bedsides (and transitional events) upon request.  The songs, the other singers, and the caring commitment make it a truly healing experience for the singers as well as (hopefully!) the recipients.



I've had a rough year after congestive heart failure in the spring, then a dreadful eye infection in Oct that left so much damage.  I'm swimming in the dark, & unable to work  - still singing in chorus though.
My heart failure continues to require a big slowdown but being blind in both eyes now has taken precedence & slowing down is a very good idea to avoid falls.  It's hard to navigate the crazy city traffic & invisible stop lights w/out moving slowly & asking for help a lot.  Lighthouse for the Blind provides a lot of coaching, navigating tips, white canes, assistive technology info, sooo much advice. 
I'm looking forward to seeing the grandkids perform the traditional Chinese Lion Dance to open the Marin County Fair on the 4th of July,  Fortunately I can still see &  HEAR that flamboyant troup. 



Kilian, Sharon
Oct 27, 1962




           Sharon died in a car accident.

From the Registar Guard   



Kimball Burdick, Colleen




Portland, OR


Kindrick Ireland, Linda

March 29, 2015



Junction City, OR




Children/Grandchildren:  Cris (35) has three step-children and one grand-daughter; Debbie (34) is very dedicated to her career and her mother; Mike (31) is married and has two children.
CURRENT ACTIVITIES:  I have worked for Bi-Mart Corp. for the last 22 years.  I try to spend as much time with my family as possible.  It seems like all I ever do is work and go home, but that's not always true.  My mother lives in Springfield and I try to visit her at least once a week.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS:  I've been married twice and divorced twice.  Currently I have been single for about 25 years.  Life has been good, I have moved around some but basically I have stayed in the Eugene/Springfield area - I like it here.


On March 30th it was official, after almost 35 years with Bi-Mart, retirement at last!! I had so many things I wanted to get done, clean out the garage, do some yard work, clean out the attic. So far in the last 20 days I haven't done much. I've mowed the back yard a couple of times, pulled a few weeds, looked at the garage(cause I park in it everyday) most days I don't even venture out. And as for getting into the attic, well maybe next week. I love retirement...........


Wow, how time flies when your having fun.  50 years!!

My Children are all grown up, my grandchildren are all growing up, and for some reason I don't feel that much older.  I know I'm 67, however my mind still thinks about all the fun I had when I was younger.

I've been divorced long enough that I am actually friends with both x-husbands and their wives. 

Life has been good, 32 years with Bi-Mart the last 7 as a part owner with about 5000 other people. 

I have control of the remote for my TV and I always know who is taking out the garbage, just a few of the great things about being single. 

I don't take any medications, and my cholesterol is great, some days my blood pressure is a little high, however I feel great. Maybe a few pounds overweight, if I were 7 foot 6 I would be at the perfect weight. 

I have enjoyed the campouts, and am truly looking forward to the reunion.


March 29, 2015      
Linda had been waiting for a liver transplant which didn't happen soon enough.

Linda Kay Ireland

September 9, 1943 -

March 29, 2015

Linda Kay Kindrick Kee Ireland of Junction City, OR passed away Sunday, March 29, 2015.

Linda was born in Longview, Texas on September 9, 1943, to Horace and Ruth Kindrick. She came to Oregon in 1947 along with her brothers Bill and Chuck Kindrick, and sister Shirley Brown. Linda graduated from Springfield High School in 1961.

Linda has three children, Cris Kee and wife Tanya, Debbie Gast and husband Ken, and Michael Ireland and wife Christina. She has three grandchildren Ariah, Nathan and Jacob Ireland.

Linda worked for Bi-Mart for 32 years and they became her second family and meant so much to her.

For many years Linda decorated Bi-Mart's Christmas tree for the Festival of Trees and for the Bi-Mart
March of Dimes booth, where she won 1st place for best booth 10 plus years.

Linda enjoyed spending time with her family, watching Duck football and basketball, and spending time at the beach (which always included a little gambling). She began bowling again after many years, recently winning Most Improved Bowler.

A service will be held Friday, April 10th at 1:00 p.m. at Andreason's Buell Chapel in Springfield, 320 North 6th Street.


Funeral Home

Buell Funeral Chapel
320 North 6th Street Springfield, OR 97477
(541) 747-1266


Published in Eugene Register-Guard on Apr. 7, 2015


- See more at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/registerguard/obituary.aspx?n=linda-ireland&pid=174573944&fhid=6821#sthash.qE4jDyTh.dpuf

Linda Ireland(1943-2015)

Linda Kay Kindrick Kee Ireland of Junction City, OR passed away Sunday, March 29, 2015.

Linda was born in Longview, Texas on September 9, 1943, to Horace and Ruth Kindrick. She came to Oregon in 1947 along with her brothers Bill and Chuck Kindrick, and sister Shirley Brown. Linda graduated from Springfield High School in 1961.

Linda has three children, Cris Kee and wife Tanya, Debbie Gast and husband Ken, and Michael Ireland and wife Christina. She has three grandchildren Ariah, Nathan and Jacob Ireland.

Linda worked for Bi-Mart for 32 years and they became her second family and meant so much to her.

For many years Linda decorated Bi-Mart's Christmas tree for the Festival of Trees and for the Bi-Mart
March of Dimes booth, where she won 1st place for best booth 10 plus years.

Linda enjoyed spending time with her family, watching Duck football and basketball, and spending time at the beach (which always included a little gambling). She began bowling again after many years, recently winning Most Improved Bowler.


King Hopkins, Carol


Redmond, WA


2010      My story begins several years after graduation when a sort of semblance of maturity finally kicked in. 

So, after leaving Eugene, I took a job with Alaska Airlines in Seattle where I met my husband Dave.  We married in 1979 and moved to a small ranch in Redmond. WA where I began raising every farm animal I could as pets only, including 2 burros, goats and Scottish Highlanders.  Because of the long commute to Sea-Tac, I left ASA and began a 30+-year career in downtown Seattle as a legal secretary/paralegal.  Dave continued his 40-year occupation as a General Contractor in Public Works.            
             During our 40’s and 50’s we spent every weekend possible at our beloved beach house on Hat Island, accessible by private ferry and boats only.  There were numerous campfires sharing freshly caught fish, clams, crabs and shrimp with friends, neighbors and family – and a 9-hole golf course on top of the island for the next day.  (Check out

             Dave phased out his 40+ years as a contractor and started a consulting business as project manager for Super Fund Sites.  That position took us to several temporary relocations in eastern Oregon, eastern Washington and all along the California coastline.  The longest stay was in Sacramento for two years.  We purchased a condo near the Sacramento River and I loved the weather up to 104 degrees.  (Check out www.swallows nest Sacramento)  During our stay in California we sold the Hat Island property and later sold the condo, moving back to the ranch in Redmond.
             I continue my impractical hobbies of natural landscaping, organic gardening and Asian cooking.  My affection for ornamental grasses expands every year as new varieties keep popping up at the local nurseries.  My goal this year is to complete my Master Gardening classes and move to a warmer climate as quickly as possible!

 So, here we are again with our dog Felipe and cat Maria Callas.

I wish all of you long, healthy and happy lives.

Smiles and Hugs, Carol King Hopkins










I enjoy reading classmates' updates and want to briefly share what I am doing!  Sadly after 39 years of marriage my husband David John Paul Hopkins passed after a long and painful illness.  He died in my arms and his last words were "I just want to go to sleep." And, so he peacefully did just that.

I still live in Redmond and my son Jeff is in Olympia and granddaughter Caitlin is in Kirkland.  Other than some unkindly arthritis issues I am pretty healthy,  My lifestyle is active with chosen friends, easy hiking, short travels and some gardening.  In 2015 I began working at a Nissan dealership in the management department part-time.  I love being with the people there and also the structured lifestyle.  The job itself, hmmmm not so much!  I have no idea what I will do in 2017 but for now I think I have the rest of 2016 figured out!  I shall see!


King Guengerich, Leah


Middleton, ID


HIGHLIGHTS OF PAST 40 YEARS: I was married in 1961 and had three children. Divorced in 1969. 1969 to 1989 were hard years - bad choices and many blessings. All 3 daughters graduated from high school. Youngest daughter graduated from WOSC in 1989 and is a teacher. Paula and Cyndi are stay at home moms and home school their kids. I remarried but was widowed in 1994. I spent most of my adult life as a nursing student, working in a hospital, nursing homes or travel nursing throughout the north and southwest. Began an adult foster home a few months after my husband died and have been doing this ever since. Seven years now - rewarding!! My hobby is painting canvas, long and round saw blades - wood cutesy crafts. I live for my grandkids and painting!! In 1996, I sold the ranch we bought in 1985 and bought a new house in town. I am very proud of the fact that I am able to do anything I want without having to depend on a man.








2011 - The past 10 years have been pretty good to me. I fully intended to go to the 40th reunion but was presented with a free vacation to Hawaii over the same time frame.  Being the dedicated Alumni that I am, I went to Hawaii!  I continued on with my Adult Foster Business and in April of 2003 I received a letter from an old grade school/Jr. Hi School classmate.  He had seen my bio on the website and dropped me a line to say hi.  We only lived 100 miles apart and thought it might be fun to meet for lunch.   We did.  And did several more times over the next few months.  Dec.  2003 we decided to merge our  lives and married.  After 45 years of absolutely no contact.  We decided it was time for me to retire and after selling my business and home we combined households to his place in the country 25 miles from Boise, Idaho.  In 2004 my youngest daughter’s husband was hired on as the Chief of Police in Sherwood, Oregon and then he went to China to adopt my newest grandchild.  A baby girl who is wasting no time

getting granma trained to her way to thinking.  She is a pure joy.  My husband wanted to work a couple more years and then retire (again), sell out and move over to the Springfield/Eugene area for the rest of our lives.  He had retired from the US Navy in 1981 and moved to Idaho where he owned some rentals and vacant land.  After building his home he went into a couple of businesses winding up as #2 in a Security Company.  Life went along until 2008 when my mother suddenly passed away in her sleep the day before I was to fly over to Eugene to visit her.  She was 91 years old.  She was healthy and fully mobile and cognizant right up to the end.  Life continued and Roger retired for sure this time and started to get this place prepped for sale.  I sure learned a lot about remodeling etc.  I also took over most of the managing of the two apartments we have.  I never dreamed I would be a landlord!  Next, my granddaughter—old enough to marry!!!!  Where did time go?  A beautiful wedding and of course I never cried a tear!!!  NOT!!!!  Time marches on. Roger and I work in a few short vacation trips to areas this side of the Cascades visiting old ghost towns, local landmarks etc.  Made one trip up into Montana to where I lived when I was preschool and made contact with a cousin my age I hadn’t seen for 60 years.  Great trip and totally gorgeous scenery.  We drove up one way and back another and saw some wonderful countryside.  We also looked at several properties over in the Springfield area and even bid on an acreage up the McKenzie but were beat out by another bidder.  But we are still looking!!!  Now my middle daughter’s middle child has decided to marry.  She just got her State of Oregon Pharmacy Tech license.   Her older sister got her Oregon Beauticians license.  Both girls have really good paying jobs and are very independent.  I continue to do the retired thing.  I think I like this lifestyle.  I should have done it years ago.  I continue to paint landscapes on canvas, saw blades, large, small, and circulars used in saw mills etc.  It’s enjoyable and I have sold quite a few.  I also knit, crochet, and GOD is in my life daily and I sincerely believe HE has granted me the peace and tranquility I now enjoy in my life, my family, and my belief in HIM.

2019  Things are going great here in "balmy" Idaho.   We have snow in the mountains which is wonderful for the skiers.  We just enjoy the warmer weather down here. oger and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in December.  Time goes so fast when you're having fun!!!!!!!!!


Kirk Squire, Erla
Dec. 15, 2008

Erla died Dec. 15, 2008 of causes related to cancer. She was 65.
She was born Oct. 3, 1943, in Cottage Grove to Harold and Velma Myers Kirk.  She graduated from Thurston High School in 1961.
Survivors include three sons, John of Lowell and Andy and Ron, both of Springfield; a daughter, Lynn of Springfield; six sisters, Neva, Myrna, Gail, Darla and Ronda, all of Springfield, and Velda of Albany; three brothers, Darrel of Dexter, Royce of Redmond and Tracy of Springfield; five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.


Kirk, Royce





Prineville, OR






Graduated from THS in 1961.  Married Sandy Hemmingsen in 1962.  Worked 23 years at Sundance Lbr. in Springfield.  Purchased 6 ˝ acres and built a home.  Owned several horses and cows.  Injured on the job – attended Lane Community for rehab.  Moved to Prineville in 1989 and purchased 63 acres.  Raised hay and cattle.  Also worked for Crook Country School District for 10 years in maintenance as Building Engineer.      ENJOY THE CAMPOUTS!


Kitt, Jack


Sunnyside, WA





Strom Kivela, Dave
Oct. 21,2009


David Allen Kivela of Springfield died Oct. 21, of complications from a stroke. He was 67. No service is planned.

He was born Dec. 19, 1941, in Spokane, to Elmer and Ruth Kivela. He married Marilyn Lyons Nov. 25, 1985, in Reno, Nev.

He served in the U.S. Navy, and worked at Georgia Pacific.

Survivors included his wife; two sons, Scott and Brian, both of Springfield; a sister, Bev Sager of Springfield; and three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.


Klocke, Anna Marie




Eugene, OR


Anna recently moved back to Eugene from Rhode Island.


Klud Lewis, Beth

Springfield, OR



Knecht Ueland, Carol
Springfield, OR







I still live in Springfield, Oregon as I have for the last 50 years. I have been happily married to Fred for 26 years. I have 3 grown children, all living in Springfield as well. I have 7 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. I have been retired for several years. My husband retired after 42 years in the logging industry with Weyerhauser. Our hobbies include traveling in our motorhome, at our timeshare, and playing cards and enjoying time spent with family and friends.


Knoedler Scott, Opal

Sumpter, OR &
Casa Grande, AZ

I'm in AZ. right now at our winter nest! We come down to Casa Grande in Nov. ,after elk hunting, and stay until the middle of May. Our HOME is in Sumpter, OR. 30 miles West of Baker City off Hwy 7. We moved to Sumpter in 1990. It is a small town of 170 people. We love it there but now that we are retired we leave before the snow fly's. Our hands don't fit a snow shovel anymore!! Most years we have 5 or 6 ft of snow in the yard.

After high school I got married and had 3 children, a girl and 2 boys. I was married for 17 yrs. before getting divorced. I tried working the first yr ,after I was single, at just anything I could get. I decided to go back to school and get a degree so I went to Merrit Davis Business school and got my degree in Accounting. I worked for 15 yrs ,in the auto industry, as a accountant/title clerk. I was single for 7 yrs. before marrying my current husband, Colin Scott. He was my best friend, June Scott's, brother. We have been married for 25 yrs. and we are retired now. 

We have 13 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. We don't get to see them nearly as much as we'd like beings we are snow-birds.

We have a good life and just enjoy hunting, traveling, camping& our family and friends. I love traveling but as I tell Colin "You can take the girl out of Oregon but you can't take Oregon out of the girl"!



Kohl Dage, Joan





Springfield, OR


Koozer, Bonney





Springfield, OR


Koozer Davis, Carolyn



Cary, NC



I went to elementary school at Walterville and Leaburg.  I finished eighth grade at Thurston Junior High.  I then moved with my family to Pennsylvania.
      After College, I married than had a son.  In 1973, my husband died of Hodgkin's disease.  In 1976, I married my loving husband Bill.
     My son is married but there are no grandchildren yet.
     I retired after teaching first and second grade for over 30 years.  I have done some traveling and work part time in our church preschool.  I play bridge often and I stay busy doing other things I want to do!  We are very active at church.
     My husband is a falconer.  He hunts with a redtailed hawk.  We do programs at schools and parks with his bird.
     I am looking forward to coming to Oregon with my mother in July 2004.


Kreitzer Staats, Karen
August 16, 2014

Springfield, OR

Karen M. Staats passed away on August 16, 2014. She was born to Glen and Harriet Kreitzer in Fall City, NE, on September 14, 1943. Her family moved to Oregon when she was a young child. Karen attended Springfield schools, and she graduated at Thurston High School, which was the first graduating class in 1961. She married Alvin Staats in 1962. He passed away in 2003. She is survived by her two sons Mark and Michael of Springfield, and also her two sisters, Marilyn Erickson of Chemult, and Murna Hodgkinson of Springfield. And she also is survived by numerous relatives. Her occupation was a laundry worker at Aramark for 23 years before she retired.


Kroeger Weller, Sheralyn  
       Elgin, Oregon



  I've enjoyed looking at this website maintained for the specific graduating class of 1961 since I attended Springfield
schools for all but my last 2 years.  I graduated from North Eugene High School yet consider Springfield "my school". 

   It happened that the 30th class reunion of both schools occurred on the same weekend so I was able to attend both. That was the last reunion that N.E. had, and how I managed to get in the Springfield photo. I have to confess that at both reunions I had wondered where all these "old" people came from...time has a unique way of smacking us up alongside the head with a reality check, doesn't it?  
    I married my best friend, Wayne Weller (Springfield, class of '55) in June,  1962.  We like to participate in car shows during the summer; camp and fish  whenever we can fit it in. I also enjoy gardening, reading and quilting. 
    We've lived in a number of places all around the state of Oregon, and 7 years ago moved to the Bend area.  I consider myself fortunate that I have not worked outside the home in 41 years of marriage, and thankfully didn't have to.  God has blessed us with 3 sons, 1 of  which is deceased and we're the proud picture carrying grandparents of 5...4 boys and a girl. 
    We've had our share of highs and lows throughout our lives, some things we would do differently, some things would remain the same; but  throughout all has been the gracious, merciful and consistent faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ.   For that we are eternally grateful.


       My husband Wayne (Springfield High School, class of '55) and I married in June, 1962. We've lived in many areas of Oregon, and Wayne's retirement gave us that coveted opportunity to pick where we wanted to live and not where his job dictated.  Elgin in NE Oregon is a quiet town on the way to Joseph and Enterprise, and is home to many transplanted retirees from the Willamette Valley. It's been a good fit for us. 

    God has blessed us with 3 sons, 1 of  which is deceased.  We're grandparents of 5...4 boys and a girl and we welcomed great-granddaughter Evie in 2009.

   Car shows continue to demand our available weekends during the summer.  Either hosting them with our car club or showing our car at other shows. We enjoy it immensely and have made great friendships along the way.  

    We've had our share of highs and lows throughout our lives, some things we would do differently, some things would remain the same; but throughout all has been the gracious, merciful and consistent faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ. For that we are eternally grateful.



It’s been a hard 2 years since we found out that Wayne had pancreatic cancer.  After 2 surgeries and 18 sessions of chemotherapy,
he lost the battle on June 14th 2016.  We had just observed our 54th anniversary.
I would like to come to the reunion, but I’m scheduled for knee surgery and won’t be able to make it.


Kveck Thompson, Mary Jane

Leaburg. OR

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