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Randall, Larry


Springfield, OR


Randall, LeRoy




Indian Springs, NV


Rauschert, Dennis
March 15, 2011


Milwaukie, OR



Spouse:    Loriann
Children:  Sons -Brian (29) & Owen (19); Stepsons - Trevor (21) & Derek (18); Grandchildren:  Andrea (5), Scott (2) and Myra (1)

CURRENT ACTIVITIES:   RV'ing, computers, roller blading and bicycling

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS:  It took 4 marriages to get it right.  Happily married to my sweetie for 14 years!  Love to RV.  My wife & I go every weekend - usually Oregon/Washington.  Love motorcycling and tinkering on projects.  Love to surf the internet and work with electronics

Dennis' wife wrote me and I asked if I could share her letter with you.     ---- Yes, you may share my letter with others and my email address with those that are battling Alzheimer's as well.  Perhaps we might be able to help each other as we face one shocking/crippling phase after another. 

Sadly, Dennis has Alzheimer's and is losing ground very fast.  He's had a wonderful life with me and the kids.  I just got the HS Reunion post card and thought you should know.  Please remove his email address as he's unable to do that any more.

God's blessings to all those that are still alive and well and have their minds.  Alzheimer's is a BRUTAL disease, mostly for the family.  I was reading what Dennis wrote several years ago when he was so "alive".  I want to remember THAT Dennis.

Loriann Rauschert


Ray, Loris
Dec. 16, 2010



 Loris E. Ray of Florence died Dec. 16 of brain cancer. He was 66.

He was born May 3, 1943, in Eugene. He married Sally A. Ray in Eugene, in 1967.

He graduated from high school in Springfield. He served eight years in the Air Force.

He was a log truck driver.

Survivors include his wife; three daughters, Lisa Williams of Coquille, Gayle Robins of Sandy Valley, Nev., and Sandie Graves of Anchorage; a son, Randy Kyelo of Albany; a sister, Karen Wendhe of Portland; two brothers, Cecil Ray of Pinedale, Calif., and David Ray of Cottage Grove; and 12 grand­children and three great-grandchildren.


Ream Helms, Dennis




Cottage Grove, OR


Redlich Berg, Ida


Eugene, OR




    I remember sitting in Mr. King’s class of my senior year thinking I would never be divorced.  Guess what I was.  I also saw women who were just a little bit over weight and swore I would never look like that.  Ha Ha!!  It’s really wonderful to gain knowledge and mature.  What seemed so important then is no longer.
   I have two children, grown and on their own.  Both are doing well. Kevin lives here in Springfield and works for Qwest and also deals in real estate some.  He's got himself a Sprint racecar and is waiting to be able to race in Cottage Grove. Kimberly is doing very well.   Kimberly lives in San Diego and just bought herself a condo.  God has blessed her with a wonderful job.  She works for two commercial real estate brokers, who can’t live without her.  She gets all of their presentations ready for them and gets all the information they need.  She’s also leaving for Paris to visit a friend she went to school with and was in college with. 
   Both of my parents are gone.  My Mom died just a year and a half ago.  It's still hard. I took care of her for the last four years of her life.  I feel so privileged to have had all that time with her.  She was someone very special.  I miss her.
   I'm now working for Visions Technology In Education doing sales.  I've been with them since January of 2000.  Waiting to see what God would have me do for the rest of my life. 


Reiersgaard  Reynolds, Lucy

Eugene, OR

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: I am still working at Georgia-Pacific - soon to be 40 years - We go to Oregon games - We bought a motor home this last summer and hope to do some traveling and camping.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: We recently moved into Songbrook - a 55 and over community. It is great. Retirement is getting close - but I enjoy working. We have done some traveling - Mexico and Hawaii. We celebrated our 25th anniversary in June 2000.


WOW – 50 years – we have all changed.  I finally retired in 2002 after 40 years 3 months – (so the Certificate said)

I still live in Eugene and happily in SongBrook – a gated, over 55 community.

I have become a “joiner” in Sons of Norway, an Altered Book Club and for a brief time an Orchid Club.  Just recently I took training to become a State Certified Ombudsman.  I think this latest venture will be very satisfying and I will make a difference.

My three children are all healthy and happy in their lives – and the grandchildren count has ended at 10.

I have a calico names Zoey and at this writing a 4 month orange tabby named Henry.  They are lots of fun and keep me busy.  I am looking forward to this reunion and the 55th – and as a final note – in May of 2010 I walked and finished a ½ marathon, not planning on doing that again this year…


Rhoades Bacon, Gloria

Graham, WA


CURRENT ACTIVITIES: VP/Teacher of Financial Club, taking pictures (35mm), getting back into painting (water color), travel(when we can), camping, getting together with family - All the time.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Tremendously close family ties - 2 wonderful kids (boy and girl), both college grads. - 1 fantastic grandson- numerous trips throughout western states, Alaska and Hawaii - family reunions - trips to the dragstrip (SIR - NHRA has become a family affair for 11 of us) - Have lived in : Oregon (while going to OSU); California (Terry received scholarship from USC); Been in Washington since 1970; Therefore I have a pharmacy license in 3 states. Been a Rx Manager/Preceptor in Olympia since Œ84 and same company since Œ71, even with all the name changes. At present called ³Rite Aid.² Represent Rx district for management meetings. But all come back to FAMILY!!!!






WHOA!  I can’t believe 50 years have actually gone by since we graduated.  Where to start and yet make this brief……

     After high school I went to OSU and graduated with a Pharmacy degree and licensed in three states.  In 1964 Terry and I were married and eventually had two children.  We are now blessed with three grandchildren.  YES—we still travel and do a lot of camping:  mountains, dessert and of course the ocean.  We are both retired now and thoroughly enjoying our time.  I have started a new business of photography and watercolor.  I am located at the Tacoma Freight House Art Gallery and do Art Festivals during the year.  Terry has learned to cut mat and frame, so we are both involved.

     Our life is now family, art camping travel.  Best of all is the FAMILY.


Rice Cutting, Sandra
August 16, 2011

SPRINGFIELD -- Sandra Cutting of Springfield died Aug. 16 of chronic respiratory failure. She was 67.

She was born Aug. 30, 1943, in Myrtle Point to Leonard and Gladys Beltz Rice. She married Chuck Cutting in Reno, Nev. They later divorced.

She attended one year at the University of Oregon. She worked in the accounting department at R.A. Chambers Construction Co. for most of her career.

Survivors include her mother, now of Eugene; a sister, Judy Bodenhammer of Springfield; and a brother, Vern Rice of Bend.


Richardson, Dick
August 11, 2011


SPRINGFIELD — Richard Milton “Dick” Richardson of Springfield died Aug. 11 of complications from multiple myeloma. He was 68. A private gathering is planned.

He was born May 8, 1943, in Eugene to Robert and Floy Collier Richardson. He married Marcia Cleland on Sept. 2, 1962.

He graduated from Thurston High School in Springfield in 1961 and attended the University of Oregon for one year. He worked on his father’s car lot, Richardson Motor Co., starting at age 12 detailing cars. He sold cars at the lot from 1955 to 1985, then worked in auto sales for Shepherd Motor Co. from 1986 to 2005. He also worked at Rosboro Lumber Co. from 1961 to 1963.

Survivors include his wife; a son, Richard “Rick” of Sweet Home; a daughter, Lisa McGee of Springfield; a sister, Linda Youel of Tucson, Ariz.; a brother, William “Bill” of Queen Creek, Ariz.; six grand­children; and five great-grandchildren.


Rindahl, Jim





Eugene, OR

Spouse:  Edna Jean (Unterseher)
No children or grandchildren

HIGHLIGHTS OF PAST 40 YEARS:  Worked 31 1/2 years as a groundsman at the University of Oregon.  Retired in 1998.


Risher, Micke
December 20, 2013



          2009   Ashland, Oregon


James Michael "Mick" Risher, 70, of Ashland, formerly of Springfield, passed away on December 20, 2013. He was born January 4, 1943 in Eugene to Jim and Violet Risher.

He graduated from Springfield High School in 1961. He worked in mills in both the Springfield and Ashland areas. He loved ML Baseball, reading mysteries, his friends including ex-wife Paula (Boatright), and his niece and nephew.

Survivors include sister Janice (Bill) Bennett of Springfield, nephew Benjamin Bennett of Springfield, and niece Bethany Bennett of Eugene. He is preceded in death by his parents and wife Patty (Durbin) Risher.



Rockwell, George
May 11, 2016

Springfield, OR

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Computer, stocks, electrician, school

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: USAF, married,children, contractor (homes)....then many jobs, married again, became an Electrician.


Rogers, Les




Camano Island, WA


Rombold Chapman, Carol

Eugene, OR





  I have 2 children.  I have 2 granddaughters ages 21 and 7.  The 21 year old is expecting in March.  Her first and our first GREAT grandchild.  It is a boy.  That really makes me feel old.  Is due 4 days after my birthday so I'm hoping it will be 4 days early.  Nice birthday present.  I will have to travel to Montana to see them.
   I have worked for the same company for the last 31 years.  I started as a jack of all trades and have worked myself up to being in charge of managing the computer system.
  My company (WVCO) purchased a new software package and computer system last year.  I have since been going to school to learn it and to teach others.  I was (still am) one of the core team members.  We went live on the new system on February 1, 2001 in the northwest (Eugene & Medford).  A total of 4 sites plus corporate.   It was a "BIG" success.  It took a lot of hours and team work to pull it off but we did it.  I was so elated when I went home that first night I could have shouted from the mountain tops.
   We are moving forward now to implement our southwest sites.  One in Alexandria, Louisiana and one in Conyers, Georgia.  I will be doing traveling in April, May, June, July and our go live for there is August 1st. I have already told my boss I have to be home for the 10th and 11th.  He
said it shouldn't be a problem.
   After we finish up that install Willamette Valley Company will be complete.  Then we get to start on our subsidiaries.  We have one in Idaho, one in Canada with 2 sites, one in Louisiana (a big undertaking) and one in Chile.  Hopefully the owners of the company will not buy up any more acquisitions until we are finished.  I think our work is laid out for us for a couple of years.  Is that job security?   I also still have to keep the users happy on the old system.  Dual jobs but not pay.
   It has been a big learning experience and goes to show you are never to old to learn something new. 
   Not sure when I will be retiring.  I really like my job and the company I work for.  And the money and benefits.
   Hope to see you all in August.

Another  year gone by the way side.  It was 50 years ago that we were thinking about graduation and what we were going to do after that.   Were we going on to college, going into the service or getting married.   Some of us probably took some time to re-think our lives.

I think all in all, my life has been good.  Got married, (not so good the first time), but got it right the second time.  Have 2 kids, 3 granddaughters, 2 great granddaughters and 1 great grandson.

My husband Gary had a heart attack in February 2010, but is doing fine.  My health is pretty good so far.  The normal aches and pains, but nothing major to complain about.

Worked for a wonderful company, doing what I liked to do.  Working on computers and doing programming for a lot of years.  Then got into the analyst end of things and enjoyed that also.  Solving more problems and helping others learn financial software and doing training.  Retired after 38 years, on April 1, 2008.  Did a little consulting afterward and did a web training session a few months after retirement.  Have been asked to return this year and help out with the software upgrade with hours of testing.  I haven’t given them an answer yet, but I probably will if they will let me have my time for camping, etc this summer.  We are planning a trip to Montana this summer to visit grandkids if they don’t come here. 

I spend a certain amount of time each week doing things for my mom.  I feel very fortunate to still have her with us.  She just turned 98 on November 30th.  She still lives by herself and takes care of herself, but needs help with heavy housework, window washing, etc.  Also do all her shopping  and transportation to and from appointments.  I sometimes wonder how I managed things when I was still working.  It seems I am always running somewhere and doing something.

Go to class campout every year.  That is great fun seeing everyone.  Girls monthly luncheon is also enjoyable.

Retirement is great, and looking forwarding to seeing everyone at the class reunion.  Hope everyone can make it.


Rose, Larry

Kimberly, ID



Russell Hazzard, Pat
August 28, 2012


Pat passed away  in Palm Desert Calif. from  COPD and double pneumonia

She is survived by her husband Chuck and 3 daughters and 1 son, and several grandchildren and great grandchildren.


Rust Moser, Sara
May 22, 2017




Junction City, OR

Sara was married to Jimmy Moser who survives her as well as a son and daughter and
many grandchildren.
A note from a classmate:  Sara had health problems in the past, but was doing better lately.
I think, she had a stroke and was in hospital and seemed to be doing well and  then took a
turn for the worse and died. 
She was at our last reunion at the Elks. She was such a happy person who always looked
on the bright side.  She will be missed by a lot of people

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