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Tanton Jenison,
Trilla (June)





Springfield, OR

              1972                                  2010

2010       Moved to the Sacramento area and married in 1962, had three children, helped remodel home, attended college part time.  Moved back to Oregon, "God's Country," in 1975.  Bought a 116 acre ranch in Mohawk Valley. Realized our long time dream of designing and building our home. The home was built on a beautiful knoll overlooking a private valley. Incredible view-- pasture with our horses and cattle and an occasional deer down by the creek and hills beyond that. Our house faced due east; I loved to stand on our deck and watch the sunrise in the morning and the moonrise at night. My husband and I did the subcontracting, and I managed the ranch while he worked in town as an electrician. I did the entire interior design. We also planted an orchard on the hillside above our home, and 1,500 small Douglas fir trees to fill in an area on one of the hillsides. It was a wonderful place to live, then the unimaginable happened and the stress of the constant work (I worked from 6am to 9pm most days) took it's toll and my husband and I divorced. I never thought that would happen to us. We divorced and it became final on Christmas day 1982. Our home and ranch also had to be sold. 

     I went back to college majoring in Psychology and minoring in Interior Design.   After a few months the stress of the overworking and the divorce took their toll, I became very ill and had to drop out of college. I was mostly bedridden for two and a half years, and it took seven years to get a correct diagnosis for one illness (Fibromyalgia) and six more years to get a diagnosis that I also had Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.  A "Double Whammy" as my doctor called it. I was living alone then and completely disabled.  It was a long road to get to where I am today. Long story about how the doctors almost killed me with medications (I was told I was on my way out), it turned out that every drug they had me on was devouring vitamins. I finally smartened up and turned to my brother David Tanton who is a doctor of Holistic Medicine; he helped me get off most of the medications and on a healthy diet and lots of vitamins to rebuild my system.

            Now for the joys of my life, my children: Brian is retired from the Air Force, he is disabled with Gulf War Syndrome, but when he can, he is inventing and designing tools, etc. He has two children. Lori graduated from BYU and majored in Zoology, she taught math, biology and earth science at the Jr. High level. She really wanted to teach High School students. Lori has two children.  Brad had a full scholarship and majored in Aeronautical Engineering and Physics at the University of Washington. I love to tease him about the Ducks stomping the Huskies. Brad was a second lieutenant In the Air Force upon graduation and was stationed in Germany. Brad is a real go getter, so when the promotions didn't come fast enough for him or his men, he decided to change direction in his life, he left the Air Force as a Captain, took further classes at the University of Colorado and became a Satellite Engineer for Lockheed Martin and is now one of their top managers. Brad has two children.

     I was able to visit Brad and his wife in Germany when his daughter was born. We traveled to five countries while I was there. A real highlight was visiting Ann Franks home in Amsterdam.

     I remained single for 27 years, I really didn't want to marry again after my very painful divorce. I dated several men, still not interested. Then came Dave Jenison, who pursued me and I kept turning down for two years. I decided I could be his friend, well long story short, it turns out that he is my total soul mate. We have so very much in common and share most of the same interests. We dated for three years and were married June 24, 2009. I told the Lord that if he wanted me to marry again that he would have to bring him to me, that I wasn't looking.  Dave is a wonderful gentle man. He does so much to help me with our home and yard and "Yes, he cooks too!!!"

     I have way too many interests to list, so a few are, church work, genealogy, helping others ,oil painting, reading and learning, camping, exploring Oregon, Celtic Music, gardening and animals.   Even though I couldn't finish college I have continued my study in Psychology.  I used to love horseback riding, especially in the hills, but due to my health I can no longer ride.

      It isn't easy catching up for 50 years.  50 years, my how the time flies, I keep wondering how my children got older than me.  I'm only 18!!!


Taylor, David

Klamath Falls,  OR

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Interested in American and North West History. Like to camp and take short hikes. Like to travel the Northwest and sight see.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: After graduation I spent 3 years in the Army in Erlangen, Germany, near Nuremberg. My wife and I lived in Seattle for 12 years where we had our 3 daughters. My first full time job was with Boeing. After 3 years with them I went to work for Burlington Northern Railroad where after 31 years I am still with the railroad. Not old enough to retire yet.






I finally gave up my job with Burlington Northern Railroad in 2003.  No more capturing and wrestling with crooks, out laws and hobos.  After 33 years as a  railroad cop, retirement looked pretty good and it turned out to be pretty good.

 Since the 70's I have been involved with Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. Over  the years my involvement has become less and less but still I am a merit badge  counselor.

 I have been a member of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic men's group,  and at present I am Grand Knight, leader, of our group in Klamath Falls.  The job ends  this summer.  It has been interesting, fun, and sometimes a lot of work.

 Since our three daughters live in the Portland area we have gone there  many times to see them and attend activities with the grand kids.

Carolyn and I enjoy volunteering, seeing the country and going to concerts  but only if the price is right. Since living in Klamath Falls I have become a member of  the Southern Oregon Snow Removal Team.


Tennant, Richard

Salem, OR





Tennent, William




Mesa, AZ



Testor, Frank


Modesto, CA


I am 57 years old and am living in Modesto, California. I am still happily married after 37 years. I have 2 beautiful daughters and 3 wonderful grandchildren. I have lived in California ever since one year after High School. I came to Bakersfield to go to Junior College and married my beautiful wife. We moved to Modesto in 1966 and have enjoyed the mid-valley California life ever since. My sister, Nola Dennis still lives in Springfield and we try to visit the area at least once a year. I have worked for Coca Cola as a Supervisor for 24 years and have become an avid collector of Coke memorabilia. I enjoy many sports and my grandsons play

both baseball and football which keeps us busy with youth sports. Having a special love for fast and cool cars I have been a racing fan since I can remember. My favorite driver #3, Dale Earnhardt was killed this year and it has been hard getting back into watching those races like I used to. I¹m sure it won¹t be long and I well be taping or watching every race I can. We enjoy traveling and using our timeshares in Lake Tahoe. We enjoy our church and the part that God plays in our lives daily. My wife bought me something that I had always wanted in my youth. She knew that my love for cool cars and my second childhood had to include a 1965 orange and black , metal flake, DUNE BUGGY. Somehow when I¹m cruising in my buggy it can solve all the problems of the world. Love that Buggy!! I am hoping to retire in about 3 years and do some traveling....may have to haul along my buggy. I haven¹t invented anything nor have I won the Nobel Peace Prize but I am happy and have a wonderful family.




I am now 67 years old, retired and loving life.  I am still married to Joyce after 47 years.  She has a good sense of humor.  We still live in Modesto, California as do our children and grandchildren.  We even have a great Granddaughter and “wow” is she beautiful.  We enjoy the mid-valley, California life.  I retired from Coca Cola 2008 where I was the Warehouse Supervisor and Fleet Manager for 31 years.

            We love traveling to see extended family and friends and to the mountains or the ocean.  Our trip to Tennessee was wonderful.  We were able to rekindle old friendships with family and friends and to see how beautiful Tennessee can be when everything is green in the spring.  Its historic place in our countries growth is very prevalent everywhere.  The threat of a tornado or two unnerved my wife though.  She asked the man at the desk what do you do when you see a tornado coming and you are driving on the highway.  He told her, you lie face down in the ditch.  Her reply was, with the spiders and snakes?  I don’t think so.  Well we came close to those storms but dodged them all.  My wife says give me an earthquake anytime over a tornado.

            I am still enjoying my 1965 orange and black, metal-flake, DUNE  BUGGY.  It is looking a little worn and a good paint job is due

 soon.  I enjoy baseball and football and am able to go to a professional game in the bay area once in a while.  If they just wouldn’t charge $40.00 just to park your truck it would make it more enjoyable.
           I love fast cars and enjoy Nascar races.  I am enjoying all of the new young drivers in the races.  It certainly gives all of the old guys a run for their money.  Sounds funny to say, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is in the category of the old guys.

            I am still a collector of Coke Memorabilia and my wife is telling me that I need to scale down the collection…that’s hard.  Internet here I come.

            I am enjoying my retirement and just doing what I want.  If I don’t get it done today there is always tomorrow.  I am just puttering around and doing all of those little projects I have been putting off for years.

            We are active in our church and we have a new energetic pastor.  We love the opportunities that God gives us daily in our lives.

            We are healthy and are still enjoying life daily.  I am excited about our 50th Class Reunion, and am anxious to see everyone.  It doesn’t seem like 50 years since graduation but time goes by fast when you are having fun.


Tharp Nottingham, Carol

Boise, ID


Tharp, Leland





Eugene, OR


Thomas, Michael Ann
Sept. 5, 1962




           The life of a prominent Springfield girl, Michael Ann Thomas, 19, was snuffed out about midnight last night in a one-car accident on the Pacific Freeway about 15 miles north of Springfield. 
            Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd C. Thomas, 2999 Wayside Loop, Miss Thomas was returning home after taking a house-guest to the Oregon State University campus at Corvallis.  The accident was reported to state police at 11:48 p.m.
            According to the police investigation, the small foreign-made car which she was driving went across the shoulder on the east side of the south-bound lane, into the divider strip, then returned to the traffic lanes turning over several times before coming to a stop. When the car rolled, police said, the door on the driver’s side opened and her head and shoulders apparently went outside of the vehicle, striking the pavement.  Miss Thomas, who police said was wearing a loosely fastened safety belt, was pronounced dead at the scene by a physician shortly after the accident.
            The accident happened a short distance north of the freeway rest area north of Coburg.  She was alone in the car.
            Miss Thomas, a Springfield high school graduate in 1961, would have been a sophomore at Willamette University in Salem this year.  She was a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority, the Ebbert Memorial Methodist church where she was active in the young people’s fellowship, and of Job’s Daughters.
            Besides her parents she is survived by a brother, John, and sister, Molly, and by grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin T. Warlick of Eugene, and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd C. Thomas Sr. of Portland.  Uncles and aunts living in Eugene include Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Morven C. Thomas and Dr. and Mrs. Tom Warlick.


Thompson, Jim
Springfield, OR



Thompson Bogart, Rosella
August 10, 2010


Rosella M. Bogart of Springfield died Aug. 10 of complications from uterine cancer. She was 68.

She was born Sept. 3, 1943, in Dryden, Ontario, Canada, to Frank and Bobbi Robertson Thompson. She married Glen Bogart on July 13, 1963, in Springfield.

She held a graphic art and design degree, art degree and associate of arts degree in computer sciences from Lane Community College. She also received a bachelor of arts degree in business and business management from Northwest Christian College, as well as becoming a master cake decorator at Wilton Academy. She worked as a department store CEO for the first 20 years of her career. In the later half she went on to work with Peace Health at both the University District and Riverbend Hospitals in patient registration, admitting and as an anesthesia clinic supervisor.

Survivors include her husband; a son, Jerry Lee of Sisters; five daughters, Glenda Davis of West Richland, Wash., Gina Reay of Eugene, Geri Maria Evanson of Benton City, Wash., and Diana Trechter and Rhonda Penaloza, both of Lakeview; two brothers, Harvey Thompson of Eugene and Ralph Thompson of Christmas Valley; a sister, Ila Myers of Boring; five grandchildren; and one great-grandchild. A son, Richard Glen Bogart II, died previously.



Thornton, Mike




Eaton, CO


Tillapaugh, James

Odessa, TX


CURRENT ACTIVITIES:  Assistant Vice President, University of
Texas-Permian Basin; Historian; founder, White-pool House Museum and Parker House Ranching Museum
HIGHLIGHTS OF PAST 40 YEARS:  I've been a founding faculty member (history) at this institution since completing the Ph.D. at Northwestern University.  Now my administration duties include graduate studies and sponsored research.  I still keep a second home on an old cavalry fort in Marfa, TX.



Theodore Roosevelt died at age 60, thoroughly worn out.  My father retired on his 60th birthday.  He said, “I’ll never work one more day for another man.”  He did not but did make some interesting contributions in his next 25 years.  I had no notion then what he was telling me.  I was still a graduate student.  Flash forward 40 years.  Now I do understand.

A friend advised me to make plans for my time.  Well, some special cooking?  Light maintenance around the properties?  Grow orchids?  NAH!  Didn’t do it then, don’t do it now.  I do need more lessons from Fred Dellinger, the master, in just puttering around.  Actually I still teach one Internet class.  That provides all the usual university support.  Much reading, some speaking, and a little writing engage me, but mainly coming and going at will.

Ruben Vasquez and I continue travel, now gratefully more by car/truck and less by plane.  He has challenges flying as an exotic.  We go back and forth between the homes in desert Odessa and mountain Marfa.  We come to Oregon to visit Mother at Briarwood, the family of ever increasing great-greats, and the always beautiful coast. 

It has been good to read and see about the classmates and their interesting activities, or not.  Some seem the same; some just don’t register.  While many have scattered far, others have stayed close to our start.  We look forward to staying at the Village Inn in August and denying much of what has happened in the last 50 years.  To paraphrase Franklin Pierce, what is to do after retirement but drink!


Timmons Illingsworth, Sara
Feb. 2, 2009



     Last address Beaverton, Oregon



Tomseth Campbell, Carolee
   Springfield, OR




Spouse:  Bob
   Retirement!  When?  I can only hope I live that long.  Still working with money, unfortunately it always belongs to someone else.  The company I work for is undergoing some major changes and that certainly makes things interesting.   Still bowling & playing a lot more golf.  I never seem to get any better at either.  Bob & I have no grandchildren, but two Jack Russell granddogs, Riley and Nikki.  They are a lot less expensive and trainable.
   I have really enjoyed working on the class reunions. Besides having a lot of fun, it gives you an inside track on where your classmates are and what they have done with their lives


Bob and I are now splitting our time between Springfield and Green Valley, AZ. Bob  would like to live in AZ full time, but I  am not a fan of the heat. We have managed to play golf once or twice a week since we got here in October(no rain outs). I had my first hole in one on December 17th and broke 90 for the first time on December 31st. I guess 2009 wasn't such a bad year after all in spite of health issues. Bob is in a hiking group and really enjoys getting to see the areas that can only be reached on foot. There is so much to do and see in Southern Arizona.

2011   So much has happened in the last ten years, the most devastating being the loss of my mother. I still want to pick up the phone to tell her of something important that has happened . Old habits do die hard. I also lost my two long time friends, one to cancer and one to homicide at the hands of her own granddaughter.

   Bob and I have been married for 22 years now. We are splitting our time between Springfield and Green Valley, AZ. Bob would still like to live here full time, but I don't like the heat. We both play golf and I still bowl when we are home in Springfield. I had a hole-in-one on December 17, 2009 and broke 90 for the first time on December 31, 2009. That took two items off my bucket list.  Despite my health issues and the usual complaints and problems of growing older, we are doing well. You do what you can. As long as Bob can swing a golf club he is happy. 

   Bob and Steve Hinrichs also belongs to a hiking group from Pueblo Estates, where we live in Arizona. They  hike into the surrounding mountains and canyons. There is some beautiful country in Southern Arizona. The wildlife is so different from Oregon. I have seen havolina, Mexican wolves, coyotes, horned owls, ravens bigger than my cat and so many other birds I couldn't start to name them. We now have a huge bobcat wandering around the area. Bob came upon him one morning and decided to come back home for awhile. They are usually around the washes but are now coming through the housing areas looking for food.

   We attended Bob's 50th reunion in Santa Rosa, CA in September of 2010. He hadn't seen anyone since his 30th and we really had fun. They also had a split class, but didn't combine this reunion as they did on their 30th. Bob's daughter and her family have moved back to Santa Rosa so we will get to see the grand kids more often. Max is six and Lily  is four.


Trenholm Larson, Carol




         Clayton, WA 

I have 4 children.
After retiring from US West in 1995, my husband, Larry, and I began wintering in Arizona. We both have enjoyed the bright sunny days here, but it is really nice to be able to leave here in the summer and go back to Oregon. While we are here, I work at the Post Office. Thousands upon thousands of snowbirds flock to Arizona during the winter months, so there is plenty of mail to handle. I have 4 daughters, 5 grandchildren, and a new great-grandson. That last one makes me feel OLD.


Trudeau Mullin, Sharon


Las Vegas, NV

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Still read voraciously- Play some golf - Play video poker a lot! See lots of shows and eat very, very well! Some travel - Lots of shopping

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Definitely Retirement!! We keep so busy, there¹s no time to work. Let¹s see: Highlights....Kids, Grandchild, Moving to Las Vegas, A mayor flood at our current home (makes you check your values!) And all the wonderful people who¹ve come to visit.

2006:   Cancer survivor











The best part of the last 10 years?  Very successful kids – a grandchild at “Wazzu,” trying for vet school and living in Las Vegas.  We’ve made wonderful friends here.  And we are healthy.  Life is good.



Tucker Rust, Pauline





Springfield, OR


Tyvoll, Jeff




Salem, OR


Varney, Jim





Springfield, OR


Vinson McGuire, Cheri


Anchorage, AK


Children: Daughter Representative Lesil  McGuire and husband Scott McCracken. 
   I’ve lived in Anchorage Alaska for the last 28 years rearing my family and working at three great careers as a travel agency owner, lodge owner and now as a sales manager for a hotel.  I have no plans to leave but who knows what the future will bring.  My children both live here and I actively participate in their lives.  Last yr. I helped daughter Lesil get married, run for and win a position as the State House Representative for my district.  Son Jason was an official for the Special Olympics that were held in Anchorage and the whole family showed up to cheer him on.      
    All in all it has been a wonderful life, filled with many memories of travels all over the world, good friends and my return visits to Springfield to visit my mom until her passing a couple of years ago.                          
    I look forward to seeing all of you this summer.



I am still living in Alaska.  I am retired and loving it.  My favorite thing to do is travel and spend time with friends and family, especially my grandchildren. 
   One of my favorite destinations is Palm Springs, CA where I spent about 4 months last year. My significant other, Bill, has a home there and we go there to relax in the sun when the weather gets us down.  Our bucket list trip this year will be in November when we take a river boat, land trip to Viet Nam and Cambodia with some of our friends
    I feel blessed to still be in good health and able to travel and enjoy my retirement.  I also feel very fortunate to live close to my children and grandchildren (Zoe 13, Jayson 11 & Grayson 5) and to be able to participate in their daily lives. 

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