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Ward Carpenter, Linda

Wolftown, VA




2001   After many years in California, we decided to try something totally different.  We moved to a Virginia farm that sits between Jefferson's Monticello and Madison's Montpelier.  We love this historic area, yet are only about 1 1/2hr. from Washington. The last 3 years have been spent  establishing gardens which I love to tend  and, hopefully, this year they will be mature enough for me to recapture in watercolor.   Life is good.

Linda and her husband John




    Thinking back to SHS, I realize it is impossible to summarize 50 years in a couple of paragraphs. It certainly caused me  again to be thankful for the many blessings and opportunities throughout my adult life.

    We raised a large family (5 children) now have 8 grandchildren and two great grandchildren which means nothing is simple or quiet at any holiday or gathering.  Moving to Virginia in 1997 really allowed us to turn off our stress meters.  We live an uncomplicated, though still busy life which is good after years of high-pressured days.  My love of gardening and painting continue. I anticipate I will die with my arthritic hands clutching a paint brush or shovel. Church and civic activities insure that I don’t sit too long.

   After 47 years of marriage, my husband, John and I hope for many more years of waking each morning to decide what to tackle that day.  Since none of us knows what lies ahead, we feel very grateful to have lived the life we have.


Watson Gay, Barbara




Springfield, OR


Webber Thomas,
Cindy (Syd)



   Missing Classmate



      was  in Lake Forest Park, WA
      may now be in Alaska.


Weed King, Bette

Tigard, OR



2001  CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Teaching writing at Portland Community College, Making quilts for children at Emmanuel Hospital, Traveling, Reading, Playing games with grandchildren

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Raising the children and enjoying the grandchildren are the biggest highlights. Larry and I moved to the Portland area in 1060. We love to travel in the United States and Europe. In the spring of Œ99, Larry taught at the University of London, so we rented a flat for 3 months and had a great time. For 16 years I¹ve taught at Portland Community College - great students and colleagues. The time has gone fast - a great 40 years!

I retired in 2004 after teaching 19 years at Portland Community College.  Although I loved my job, I thoroughly recommend retirement.
I keep busy with family, including three grandchildren, gardening, reading, quilting, and traveling.  Last summer my husband (Larry, class of 60) and I traveled with my sister and her husband to Russia and Scandinavia.  Off the coast of Bergen, Norway, we met cousins who still lived on the farms where my mom's parents grew up.  The cousins showed us around the island and had a big family dinner for us.  We keep in touch by email.  What a great experience!
Looking forward to seeing classmates in August. 


Westphall, Leonard


Woodburn, OR





Wetherald, Milton
June 2000






Wheeler Clark, Carolee



Springfield, OR


Whitaker Hogland, Christy





Eugene, OR


White, Ray
Tiburon, CA
By no means retired - having more fun than ever as director of an alcohol and addiction research center and as faculty member UCSF.   
Prominent Geneticist to Direct Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center

July 25, 2002
This news release (below) was modified for our Web site

Raymond L. White, PhD, an internationally recognized human genetics researcher, has been appointed director of the UCSF-affiliated Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center.

The 21-year-old institution uses genetic, cellular and molecular approaches to study basic neuroscience and the effects of alcoholism on the brain. The Center is part of the UCSF Department of Neurology.

White, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, is recognized for conceiving the use of natural genetic variations, or polymorphisms, to map disease genes and for demonstrating that tumors can form as a result of a two-step process: inheriting a defective copy of a gene and losing the normal copy. He discovered the genes that cause an inherited colon cancer and neurofibromatosis, a disease in which tumors form in the nervous system, skin and other organs.

"Ray White is a remarkable scientist and a truly visionary academic leader," said Dr. Stephen Hauser, UCSF professor and chair of neurology. "His appointment places the Gallo Center in a remarkable position in its goal to identify the genetic basis of alcoholism, addiction, and related complex disorders. And his arrival at UCSF further strengthens our rapidly expanding community of geneticists on campus."

In addition to directing the Gallo Center, White is expected to be a professor and vice chair of neurology at UCSF and will hold appointments in several other UCSF departments, pending Academic Senate approval. His appointment at the Gallo Center begins October 1, 2002.

"Ray White is a pioneer in contemporary human genetics who has made fundamental contributions to understanding the genetic basis for cancer," said Ira Herskowitz, PhD, professor of biochemistry and co-chair of UCSF's Program in Human Genetics. "He has also distinguished himself as an educator, having trained several of the top human geneticists practicing today. He now wants to turn his attention to identifying genetic contributions to complex phenotypes such as behavior."

In a 20-year career at the University of Utah, White served as chairman of the human genetics department and of the oncological sciences department at the School of Medicine and as executive director and senior director at the university's Huntsman Cancer Institute.

For the past two years he has been the chief scientific officer of DNA Sciences, Inc. in Fremont, California.

He received his bachelor of science degree in microbiology from the University of Oregon, and his doctorate in microbiology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has received a number of awards in recognition of his basic research related to cancer and is the author of more than 250 publications.

White will succeed Dr. Ivan Diamond, PhD, the founding director of the Gallo Center. Diamond led the institution from its inception in 1981 to become one of the world's leading centers on alcoholism and addiction research. The center has a staff of 160 in a 77,000-square-foot laboratory complex. Diamond, UCSF professor of neurology, will continue to serve as an investigator at the Center.


White Holte, Rita

Elmira, OR



White Burdon, Shirley


Monroe, OR



Whitlow, Brian

Springfield, OR

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: My wife and I like to ski, collect art and fly our airplane. We also like to work on our property and travel when we can. My wife is an Adult and Family Therapist and has a practice in the Thurston area. I do property management and investing as well as work on old cars and help my kids with their various projects.




It’s time for an update.  I can say that a few things have changed in the last ten years.  I stopped skiing, but my wife still goes now and then.  I also quit flying, but I’m not ready to say “never again”.  I did buy a new motorcycle this winter and I plan on riding this summer to see if I still enjoy the need for speed (or if I can just keep it upright)..  I also still have my 1937 Cadillac LaSalle that I work on once in a while.  Lynda and I moved from Camp Creek to Eugene just over six years ago and we have adapted to city living once again.  Being in town is a lot more convenient.  All three of our children live in Eugene so that has made a big difference in how much time we can spend together.  We take care of our newest grandson (his name is Liam) once or twice a week and it’s always a joy.  He is just over two and a half and quite full of himself, though he is quite pleasant about it.  He is  most assuredly the source of new fire and excitement in our lives.  I still work part time with our properties and Lynda also does part time counseling.  She moved her office to Eugene the same time we moved in from the country.  We talk about retiring but I don’t think we have it in us.  We have started taking yearly trips to Palm Springs area and Hawaii.  We do those in the winter months so we can remain somewhat sane while living in this Oregon climate.   Other than that nothing much is new.  Best wishes to all of you!



Wick, Ben




Yakima, WA


Wicks, Bob





Bountiful, UT


Willhite Edgar (Nick)

Springfield, OR



    My wife Raina and I are doing well.  Life has been very good to me.  We have four children and fourteen
grandchildren.  The oldest is going to BYU Ricks in Idaho next year and the youngest is our succor queen in
Las Vegas, NV.  I still do a little hunting and fishing and Raina makes a quilt once in awhile for the grand kids.
This summer I am constructing a new shop in the back yard.  This should keep me out of trouble for awhile
and something to do when I get bored.  I worked for Cascade Handle Company for over 30 years and one
day I decided I wanted to do something else so I started to look for new employment and found a job
working for Western Pneumatics.  I worked for ten years and retired for a year and got bored making bird
houses and bird feeders.  So I started driving a school bus for Springfield School District and love it.  I may
never quit but there are days when I would sell my students pretty cheap.

Hope all of my classmates are doing well.


Williams Kennedy, Machelle




Corvallis, OR

Former English/literature teacher/ present Administrative Faculty at Oregon State University
Mother of 4 Children/Ethan, Darcy, William, Chris and four
grandsons (The Quija board I consulted my senior year in high school was wrong.  Ouija said three children.)

Current Activities: Hiking, English and Scottish country dancing, gardening, reading, working out, not necessarily in that order at any given time


Willis, Fred


Springfield, OR


Wow!  Forty years ago in June we all had our dreams and goals as we left SHS and THS behind.  It is amazing to read on this website the routes our lives have taken.  Aristotle once said " Different men seek...happiness in different ways and by different means"  It certainly appears the class of 1961 has had many different experiences in our quest for happiness.
    I married Tonya Leathers and together we have experienced happiness with our family, children, grandchildren, and friends.  Life is "truly good". 
    I am basically retired now.  Just finishing up some commitments after
thirty five years of mathematics teaching and teacher union activities.
Looking forward to taking advantage of life after work. 

“Time flies” does not do justice to the span of time since we walked into SHS as wide-eyed sophomores.  Can you believe it was fifty-three years ago this September.  This August we will come together again walking a little slower and most of our wide-eyes will be looking through glass lenses.  A half century since graduation has made the foot print of that class of 1958 sophomores worldwide.  Reading the experiences and travel of that group of sophomores it appears all continents and a large percentage of the worlds countries have been visited by at least one of our classmates.  Wow, what a story a bunch of wide-eyed kids from Springfield Oregon could tell.  I guess we better show up in August to add our paragraph or page to this wild tale.

Tonya and I are retired and living in an old farmhouse on an acre of ground in Springfield.  Has been a great ride being a Duck fan going to the Ducks football and basketball games the last few years.  Being at the National Football Championship game cheering on the Ducks was the ultimate experience for us in January. Thank you Nike, as well as Phil and Penny Knight for their contributions to the Duck Athletic Fund.

Completed things for my life’s resume: Sky diving, Hot Air Balloon ride, completed a half and one full marathon, Bungee jumped in New Zealand South Island, toured three nuclear submarines, exchanged hips (traded a worn out bone type for a new metal type), survived thirty five years of teaching high school mathematics, 12 hour cattle drive on horseback in Montana, climbed Mt. Fuji and

stayed over night to see the sun rise on Japan, deep sea fishing off Rarotonga one of the Cook Islands and Halibut fishing off Kodiak Island in Alaska, and the most important things: a husband for almost half century, a father twice, a grandfather four times. 

As we navigate our lives, soon to be for seventy years, remember the words of Robert Browning  “Grow old along with me!   The best is yet to be."


Willoughby Stuve, Sharon
Springfield, OR







I have been pondering the update wondering what to say, or if our lives are interesting enough to share.  We have been married 52 years this Spring.  We raised two great adults and they have given us four grandchildren who are all grown, 3 in college and one is the mother of our first great granddaughter.  The love of our lives right now.  We live in an old home with a big porch so life passes us on the porch, we have considered writing a book called, From the Porch.  Just kidding. 
Some traveling with my brothers has been fun, we plan and go on cruises with them just about every other year and have such great times.  We both love flowers and spend some time gardening each year but bending over is not as easy as it once was.  We enjoy good health and have two dogs that keep us walking and spending time outdoors. 
Life has been kind to us and I hope to all the classmates, see you at the Friday night party. 


Wilson, Frank
March 12, 2002


Frank Lewis Wilson died March 12, 2002 of respiratory failure.  He was 58 and resided in Springfield.
Wilson was born Dec. 11, 1943 in Bakersfield, California.
We served in the Army.  Wilson owned Frank Wilson Well Drilling for 30 years.
He was an outdoorsman.
Survivors include his wife, Mary; his mother, Laura Wilson; three children; five sisters; and four grandchildren.


Wilson Rapaich, Linda

August 18, 2014





    Linda Rapaich passed away August 18 following complications from a stroke. She was 71 and a long-time resident of Springfield. Born in Yuma, Arizona to William Wilson and Zella (Haragan) Wilson, she moved to the Springfield area in 1958. She graduated from Springfield High School in 1961 and married Donald Rapaich on September 12, 1964. During her life, she was a homemaker, community volunteer, surrogate mother, and friend to many. Her interests were broad and included quilting, counted cross-stitch, gardening and anything in the color green. With her heartwarming smile, she was never too busy to talk, bringing light and love to those around her. Survivors include daughter Danica Goshert of St. Paul, MN; brothers HL of Springfield, Keith of Nyssa, and Donald of Coos Bay; and a sister, Chorolis of Mollala. She was predeceased by her husband Donald, who passed away in November 1998, and one brother, Kenneth.
     A celebration of life will be held on Saturday, September 27, 11 a.m. at Springfield Faith Center. Friends, family, and acquaintances are invited to sing her favorite hymns and enjoy a lunch of Mexican food. Memorial contributions can be made to the mission outreach fund at Springfield Faith Center

Fran Hilfiker writes, "Sadly, on Aug. 18, 2014 my wonderful friend of 56 years, Linda Rapiach, passed away after a massive stroke that left her mostly unable to speak but with a good mind. She was in a nursing home for around five months. I spent much of that time at her bedside. We found ways to communicate. She had a wonderfully expressive face and could say " yes" and " no" when she wanted to. I barely had time to adjust to her passing when I found myself in the middle of my own health battle. Now recovered myself, I miss her terribly. For those of you that didn't know her, she was a wonderful person, smart, warm, caring and loyal with a great sense of humor and a lovely smile. Adjusting to the loss of her friendship and support is on going for me, but I will get there."



Winn Bails, Elaine

Wallawa, OR



CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Working full-time, planning for retirement

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: 1961-1964... Wasted youth, 1965-1968... lived the fast single life in L.A., 1970... Back to Oregon, finally settled down to a REAL job with Springfield Police, 1977... Moved to Portland, got married, bought a house, 1981...Returned to college - hated it as much as ever, didn¹t finish, 1984-Present...Some travel, winding down, trying to simplify my life and get rid of stuff.

2010    I am still living in Wallowa County Oregon with Ken and Sally McAnulty Carlson.  We have a great house and the county is beautiful.  I still miss not having shopping very close by but online shopping has become a way of life.  The UPS man and I are great buddies.
I volunteer lots and love it.  The Seniors I work with are the best.  It is a very poor area but they all give what they can. One 86 year old that I know serves meals at the Senior Center, runs the Food Bank, and still finds time to do homemade gifts for all of her children, grand children and great grand children.  She also helps an 'old lady' she knows with her finances.   My other favorite causes are the library and the Wallowa School District.  Sometimes I only give money but I try to give some time also.  My life has been spent pretty selfishly and I think I need to atone for that.
I am spending this winter (4 months) near Seattle house sitting next door to my niece.  We travel some together, next month to Kauai and later this year on a 2 week Panama Canal cruise.  Maybe to Turkey next year.
Looking forward to August.

2013    Elaine writes about Sally McAnulty Carlson.    

After thinking long and hard, I have decided I don't want to live here anymore. It was wonderful when Sally was "here" but she isn't anymore so there is really nothing left for me. I look around and see the difficulties of aging here. No public transportation, no close airport, very limited choices for shopping (oh for Trader Joe's) and very few friends. So, I think I am moving back to Eugene/Springfield area this summer.

Sally is now in a Memory care facility in LaGrande and I still go to see her, but I really don't know if she knows who I am or not. I have sort of said goodbye to her already. I am sure she won't miss me and my grieving began long ago. At least I have a few old friends in Springfield and many more options for making new ones. Don't know if I am going to rent or buy yet. Renting sounds good until I look at all the available apartments and a large percentage of them include a playground. No, thanks.

Have been doing a bit of travelling with Anne Ballew and also going to Palm Springs to see a friend who is there in the winter. Anne and I (and four other smart, confident women) just came back from Hawaii. Anne and I are going to Israel & Jordan in the fall, if there is no war going on there.

Anyway, I may just show up one day at the women's monthly breakfast!!!



        Winnop-Arnesen, Sandra
March 27, 2007

SPRINGFIELD - Sandra Winnop-Arnesen of Springfield died March 27 at age 63. The family chose not to list the cause of death.
She was born Nov. 7, 1943, in Lebanon to Jewel and Helen Vinyard Winnop.
Winnop-Arnesen was a homemaker. She graduated from Thurston High School in 1961.
Survivors include her life partner of 24 years, Robert Smith; her mother, Helen Winnop of Springfield; a son, Jason Arnesen of Eugene; three sisters, Starlett Atwood of Huntington Beach, Calif., Cheryl Jacobsen of Lake Oswego and Melody Fortner of Springfield; a brother, Robert Winnop of Satsuma, Ala.; and three grand-children.


Winnop Zimmerman, Gary 



LaPine, OR



Winnop Zimmerman, Mike




Bend, OR



Winsor, Bill
June 1982


“Bill came to THS our senior year. I think Bill was born MAN-SIZED!  I got to know Bill fairly well. Can’t tell you how many times I rousted him out of bed at 9 or 10 in the morning! Bill was not a morning person and didn’t function very well until he had a gigantic bowl of Wheaties (a box of Wheaties only lasted a couple of days in his house). Bill’s dad told me that Wheaties was on every grocery list. Bill was a formative size, but he was as gentle as he was big and we had a lot of fun together.”  -  Mike Ayers



Winterstein, Lewis



Eugene, OR



Wisbey, Dave 
Nov. 16, 2007


Lived in Redmond, OR
Last address was
Shelton, Mason co.WA



Wright, Lee



Missing Classmate


Wroth Estep, Judy


Missing Classmate


            was in Portland, OR

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