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East, Mike                       Sequim, WA



Married to Nancy Holmberg-East, 8 great years.  We each have one child.  Nancy's daughter Kate works for King County in Seattle in the environmental field.  My son Eric is working on an acting career in San Diego and LA and has appeared in several movies and TV series.
   We spent 20 years living in Anchorage, Alaska and return for visits
every year.  We like the easy winter months in the lower 48.  Not sure if I would live there in the winter again.
   Spend any free time traveling around Washington and BC as it is in our backyard, quick trips to Victoria and Vancouver BC are easy from here.
   Nancy and I own a business in Port Townsend, WA, McKenzie's Coffee Co. & Deli and Port Townsend Chocolates.  We make our chocolates and fudge by hand.   
   We completed a new home in February over looking Discovery Bay and the Olympic Mts with great views and sunsets.
   Future plans are to sell the business and travel.  Probably develop another business.  I don't think I will totally retire as we are to young yet.  That's all for now Folks.
   I collect western memorabilia (kids) 1920 to 1960Ļs. If anyone has old cowboy gear I am interested. (cap guns, holster, spurs, chaps, vest, badges, etc.



Mike and his son Eric


I am Single.  Married twice!
One child, Eric M. East of San Diego, CA

Lived in Aspen and Breckenridge, Colorado for years working in the ski area industry.

Lived in Anchorage, Alaska 21 years working in the transportation industry.

Hunted moose, bear, caribou, sheep & goats and fished until I dropped.

Moved to Washington State in late 1995.

Owned a coffee business in Port Townsend, WA for 5 years and sold the business.  A very Happy Day!

Worked for the Department of Homeland Security for 3 years in Seattle, WA.  Semi retired in Sequim, WA.  Looking for a new location to live that is warmer in the winter.

See you soon.



Eaton Moe, Doris



After 20 years in the USAF my husband and I retired to Springfield where we hoped our daughters would settle with their family's.  We have three daughters (2 in Eugene-Springfield and one in Portland) and they have given us 5 lovely grandchildren so far.  I have retired and nanny my youngest grandbaby boy in Springfield.  My husband will get to retire for a second time in two more years and then we hope to spend more time in our motor home and see more of the west and Alaska.  I love to read, garden, cook and crochet.

We Travel some with our motorhome although most of the time just in Oregon.  I still need to see the ocean often to stay balanced.  We did take a six week trip to Alaska in the summer of í07 and had a wonderful trip, just too long away from home.

Our three daughters have married and we now have seven grandchildren: three are adults and four grade school age.  Wayne and I keep two of the young boys after school on a regular basis.  They are a joy and provide us with lots of exercise.  I am hoping for great-grand babies some day from those three older grandchildren though.



Ebarb Eccles, Estelle
Renton, WA





                                                                   San Diego on their 25th wedding anniversary 2010

I married my high school sweetheart right after gradation; we divorced 17 years later.  We have three sons.  My oldest just turned 50 which officially makes me older than dirt, but since I'm a dirt worshiper, that's not such a bad thing. 

I moved to the Seattle area in 1978; attended Bellevue College in my late 40's.  I worked 8 years as a process camera operator doing color separations for a local newspaper, and 16 years for CH2M Hill, an engineering firm.  I retired 4 years ago and am loving it.   

My husband, Greg Eccles, and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  We lead a quiet life in Renton WA, a town of about 91,000 people aprox. 18 miles from Seattle. 

My passion these days is dancing: line dancing, social ballroom, Zumba, aerobics.  I'm an avid reader, like to be out in nature, practice yoga and meditation.  Life is good!


Eccles, Pam

Charleston, SC

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: IĻve been a full time flight attendant for 32 years and a part time photographer for 20. Have just completed 2 weeks in Venice, Italy at a professional photographers workshop.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: The opportunity to live in Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Northern Italy. Crossing the Khyber Pass from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Trekking in Nepal. My house of the Steep and Narrow Stairs in Bali. A week on the Amazon. Lots of peaceful time on Martha's Vineyard.



I've been living in Charleston S.C. since 1987. Although I do miss much about the west, I absolutely love living here. Charleston is a wonderful small city. It has a very active Arts community, beautiful neighborhoods, friendly engaged residents, and there is always something going on. It has many of the positive aspects of a much larger city, but it's size makes everything accessible. I have no plans to move.

I am still employed as a flight attendant; however, I haven't worked since last February because of a broken bone caused by a slip and fall in Leipzig, Germany. Although I have very little pain, and I can do nearly everything, the break has never healed and the doctor won't release me to return to work due to possible further injury. I'm having surgery for some bone grafting at the end of December. If it works, I'll be back to work in the spring. If it doesn't I will be retiring, which won't be a bad thing. I'm just not quite ready. I have really been enjoying the uninterrupted time here at home. I've been concentrating quite heavily on photography, and have been volunteering with The Historic Charleston Foundation, The Charleston Preservation Society, Friends of the Library, and the Democratic Party. Of course, I think that South Carolina is a pretty silly state. It seems as if we

are always giving the rest of the country something to laugh at. However Charleston and the low country are really quite progressive, so there is always hope.

I have managed a little bit of travel while I've been home; a few days in Guatemala in April, and a couple of weeks in San Miguel de Allende this fall taking a photography workshop. I have a trip in the works for next fall to Venice and Cingue Terra, to take photographs, of course: and to eat lots of great food (my other main interest)

I'm looking forward to the reunion this summer.




Iím really sorry to be missing this milestone reunion; but, Iím wishing you all the very best.

As for me; I finally retired from flying in May of 2013. I thought long and hard about getting a dog, and brought home my darling English Springer Spaniel, Alfie on New Years Eve of 2013.
Of course I do miss all the travel; but still manage one or two major trips a year and a few more local ones, as well. In 2015 I spent ďCarnivale" in Venice in February. Magical. In September I and three friends did a walking tour in Provence. Great fun; but, I think Iím probably more urban than outdoorsy. This winter Iím going to Myranmar (Burma) for about 2&1/2 weeks. Have to admit that I am beside myself with excitement. Southeast Asia has always been my first love; and finally experiencing this previously closed country is such a thrill.
Iím still doing volunteer work for The Friends of the Library and The Historic Charleston Foundation. 
Now that I at last have the time, I'm represented by an art gallery and have just signed a contract for a second year. After that, I may retire from photography as well, and just play with it. Who knows.



Edington, Cliff

Last 50 Years:  Went to work in the mills after high school.  Traveled in the southeast and worked 1 year in Louisiana until I figured out I was better off back in Springfield.  Went to work for Roseboro Lumber Co. in í77 and in the mid Ď80ís went back to school to LCC and got an Associates in Welding Tech.  Then I went through a 4 year apprenticeship in mill wrighting, which I did for the last 15 years I worked.  I never did get married, not because I didnít want to, just never felt readyÖ..but all that can change now if the right gal comes along.  I retired at the end of í04.

My current activities include flying my vintage í41 airplane around the northwest to fly ins and air shows.  I also like riding my dual sport motorcycle on back roads and in the mountains.  Boating, fishing and hunting take a portion of my time.  Iím also a trustee in my church.



Elliott, Alfred




Missing Classmate




Elliott, Bill
Eugene, OR





Bill died April 27,2012 of cancer. He was 70.

He served as a tank driver in the U.S. Army on the German border.

He was a millworker and also worked in plywood layup.

Survivors include two sons, Daron and Brian, both of Springfield.


Elliott Brown, Rosanne



Gresham, OR




Current Activities... Work part-time as a floral designer at a local craft store. I have an at home business  custom floral designing as well. I also love to grow flowers.   I enjoy reading for spiritual growth and good fiction.
Highlights of last 40 years.. 2 children, Cathleen,38 (one more year and she will be a RN, and Don,36, has his own company and writes software.  Two grandsons ages 6 and 10, I love being grandma!
Several marriages, I keep trying to get it right , I think I've got it this
time.  My husband, Buzz is retired from Airtouch Cellular and works at home building, selling and repairing computers.  
    I am really impressed with the accomplishments of my classmates! We're a good looking bunch too!

My husband passed away over 6 yrs ago.. I have not remarried..I have a wonderful border collie mix named Murphy. So my current activities include going to agility classes with Murphy and tossing frisbee or the ball. I still work at the craft store..just part time.  I also workout  3 days a week to try to remain fit. I love to paint and draw and work with paper crafts and bead as well as floral designing.

I have learned that life is what you make it..but I sure marvel that I am the age I am..it isnít at all like I expected. Itís much better!



Ellison, Dan


Eugene, OR



CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Church, Family, RVing, Fishing, Woodworking, Harbor lights collector and reading
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Nov. 1961-1964: I joined the U.S. Army, was a communication lineman, 13 month tour in Korea. 1964: Married Dorothy (Dot) A. Seavey, my wife of 37 years. 1964-1986: Worked at Spear & Jackson Saw Inc. I was the roundsaw dept. foreman. 1986: Business closure. 1979: I received the Lord as my savior. Grandkids are great!!!!! 1990: I had an illness, guillian-barre, which paralyzed me for 8 months, have almost total recovery. 1986-1987: Michigan Saw & Knife, Springfield, OR. 1987 - present: Goodman & Co Saw Works, Eugene, Or ---- 37 years as a sawmaker.

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Church, Family, RVing, Fishing, and reading.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 50 YEARS: Nov. 1961-1964: I joined the U.S. Army, was a communication lineman, 13 month tour in Korea. 1964: Married Dorothy (Dot) A. Seavey, my wife of 46 years. 1964-1986: Worked at Spear & Jackson Saw Inc. I was the roundsaw dept. foreman. 1986: Business closure. 1979: I received the Lord as my savior. 1990: I had an illness, guillian-barre, which paralyzed me for 8 months, have almost total recovery. 1986-1987: Michigan Saw & Knife, Springfield, OR. 1987 - 2006 Goodman & Co Saw Works, Eugene, OR ---- 42 years working in the saw business.  I retired in 2006 and now enjoying the good life.  We have 2 Children, a son and  daughter, 3 grandsons, 1 granddaughter and 1 great granddaughter


Ellison, Tom

Sunnyside, WA

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Church, Elks, Eagles, Grandparents
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Births of our children and grandchildren, High school graduation of our Grandson Jerad, Vacations and family reunions, Enjoying time with our family and friends       


The last 10 years has been a new chapter in our life.  In 2002 I had a aortic aneurysm and was forced to retire.  This was quite a change for me.  After I got back on my feet I did real well.  I took over the household chores, had time to go to things at school with the grandchildren, volunteered at church, counting money, teaching religious education, visiting the sick and anything else that I was able to do.  I had to keep busy and felt like I needed to be busy doing what I was able to do and helping

someone else.  We both felt very blessed that I came out of this as the doctor told Tommye he didn't know how I would come out after surgery or if I would.  Most people aren't that fortunate.  It was the same thing that killed John Ritter. 

Tommye retired 2 years ago and now we do volunteer work together.  I was really ready for her to retire as I wanted us to be able to have more time together.  We have made a couple of trips back to Nebraska.  Keep in touch with Laura & Gary Price visiting them or they come here and sometimes meet at the Oregon Coast.

Also visit family and our friends Bugs & Ted in Idaho.  We always have a good time with our old friends.

 Our kids both live close by.  We have four grandchildren, who we really enjoy.  The three younger ones keep us busy going to all their sports activities.  Our oldest grandson Graduated from college and lives and works in Seattle.  We always enjoy him when he comes over usually for holiday's.

We are looking forward to our 50th Anniversary in June.


Enloe, Lee




Eugene, OR


Enright, Don

Wenatchee, WA
 I retired from Boeings on 1/99 after 32 years as a computer
programmer/manager.  Sue and I have been married for 35 years and have two children.  We moved to Wenatchee last year to spoil our grandchildren and enjoy the outdoor activities.  Hobbies include wine making, investments, traveling, golfing, camping, hiking, fishing, gardening and honey-do lists!  


Sue and I have been married 45 years now.  The Secret:  She has a fiber studio and I have a shop and garden.

We met & graduated from that great University 45 miles north of Eugene with the striking colors of Black and Orange.

My mother (92 years) has lived with us for the last 5 years and she enjoys visiting with her two great-grandchildren.

The joys of being a grandparent:  teaching our grandson to ride a bike; racing my granddaughter in a motel swimming pool; seeing my grandchildren playing on the beach for the first time (Lincoln City); help both catch their first fish (Curlew Lake); ride with my granddaughter on a roller coaster in a theme park; have my grandson beat me in all his Wii games; camping with the grandkids and making memories!

Sue and I both have 50th reunions this summer plus the campout at Black Butte.  Sue's reunion (California) will give the TSA a chance to grope and X-ray us at the airport.

Investment tip:  Buy low; sell high.

Hope to see all of you in Springfield this August. 


Erickson, Bill

Dallas, OR

My wife and I now live in Bend, Oregon.  I am retired, after working in the newspaper industry for about 26 years.  I received a BS degree from the U of O in '71  , spending 15 years working for several newspapers in Alaska as an account executive.

3-15-05   I met my current wife Laraine in Fairbanks, Alaska.  We married in 1986.  We worked together at the Fairbanks Daily News Miner for six  and one half years.  Leaving there in 1991 and moving to Anchorage , Alaska.  Over the years we have moved several times. Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Eagle River, Alaska; then to Seattle, Washington, Centralia, Washington, and finally Bend, Oregon, where we are now.  Between Laraine and I, we have 11 grandchildren, three of whom live near us. 2 in Sunriver, and 1 in La Pine.  We love our grandchildren and enjoy them very much. 

    After graduating from Springfield High in 1961 I went to the University of Oregon; in 1963 my GPA fell below 2.0 and I received my draft notice.  I was able to get into the Air Force in Dec. 1963 and was lucky enough to spend three and a half years in Europe.  The Azores, and Germany.  While in Germany I traveled a lot, visiting France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Denmark, Austria, Italy, and of course Germany. I got out of the Air Force in Dec. 1967 with the rank of sergeant and finished college at the University of Oregon in Jan, 1971 with a BS in Journalism and I spent about 26 years working in the field as an advertising account executive for several different newspapers in Oregon, Washington and Alaska. 

     I am currently retired (but I still work 28 hours per week for Walmart). 

     I wish I hadn't waited so long before contacting classmates on the internet.  I was able to reconnect with an old college roomate of mine thru this site (John Hales).  It was great hearing from him after so many years.  Perhaps we will be able to meet up again some time.


Esgate Trueman, Pat



Surprise, AZ



The past 15 years, I have been living in St. Charles, Missouri, due to
my husbands job.  Prior to that, I lived in the San Jose, Ca. area for 20 years.  I have four children and 3 grandchildren.  My kids are strung all over the country.  One son lives in Wisconsin, with his family, the other son, lives in Sacramento, Ca.  One daughter lives in Ypsalanti, Michigan, and the other daughter lives, just a few blocks from us.  Most of my married life, has been spent at home raising kids, but every now and again, I'd work, to keep us out of the food lines, due to strikes.  The past 7 years, I worked at a fabric store, and taught some quilting classes.  I've sewn all my life, and would probably be insane by now if it wasn't for sewing.  GOOD THERAPY!!  I'm trying to help get our house ready for sale, so when my husband retires, we can move from here to Arizona, to the old folks farm. I'll be at the class reunion, and am looking forward to it.

Well, I've been delaying doing this, long enough, so here goes!!!!!  Hope this is good enough, on the update.  See everyone at the class reunion.
The past 8 years, we have been living in Surprise, Arizona.  North/ West of Phoenix, Arizona.  We've retired to the Old Folks Farm, Sun City Grand - active adult community.   Lee, (my other half), is a parking lot attendant, at the Surprise Stadium, during Spring Training, for baseball.


I participate in quilting,  and in the SCG Singers,  during our Christmas Concert and Spring Concert, and I make Bobbin Lace. It's the way Lace was made before machines were invented.  It's sometimes called pillow lace.


There are still 4 children, but where they live has changed a little.  My oldest daughter lives in Pinckney, Michigan, no grandchildren from her yet.   The oldest son, wife, and 2 grandsons, live in East Troy, Wisconsin, and 1 granddaughter, lives, in Alabama.  The 2nd son lives about 20 miles south of us, in Goodyear, Arizona.  The youngest daughter and her husband, and the youngest grandchild (Liliana Nicole, 1 1/2 yrs.) live about a half hour from us, in Glendale, Arizona.  Close enough to spoil her every weekend, and when I baby sit.


Estes Lusby, Linda




Eugene, OR



Evans Howard, Marilyn

Springfield, OR














CURRENT INTERESTS: Kids, Grandkids, sewing, knitting, crafts, square dancing and watching auto races (NASCAR is my favorite) Jeff Gordon is my favorite driver and traveling in my 5th wheel. 
   THE LAST 40 YEARS! I have three sons (Lynn, Jef and Tim) They have given me three super daughters-in-law and five grandchildren (Sarai, Kyler, Tyler, Kayla and Kody). I worked for the State or Oregon for almost 29 years before retiring in 1998. The last 17 years were spent at the University or Oregon with the Chemistry Department as a Graduate Recruiter. In October of 1992, I met Corky Howard. We married & spent 7 great years together. We enjoyed traveling, square dancing and watching auto races together. We traveled to Mexico twice (once on our honeymoon), the Bahamas, St. Louis (to a National Square Dance Convention), and to Reno (square dance festival). After my retirement in 1998 we traveled in our 5th wheel with our friends to square dance festivals and other outings. In 1999 we left Springfield to head south to find our favorite place for our winters. We spent 6 weeks just looking for the perfect spot (we found several we liked). One of our stops was Las Vegas for the NASCAR race. We met my two sisters and their husbands and had a wonderful weekend there. (We actually ran into Lyle Fox there, too!) Upon our return to Springfield in April, we repacked our bags and left on a seven-day cruise to the Caribbean visiting 5 islands. What a great trip! When we returned to Springfield again we discovered that Corky had cancer. He died in July 1999. Life has been pretty hard since then because he really spoiled me. I have continued to square dance and travel in the 5th wheel with our friends. I have returned to work part time at the University of Oregon where I work in accounting in the Institute of Molecular Biology.  I am looking forward to the class reunion. 

Since my last update in 2001, I have completely retired.   I sold my house and moved into my motor home.  Some friends own a 170 acre farm 6 miles west of Junction City and they rent one half acre to me.  It is very peaceful.  In the winters I usually try to go to Arizona.  I spend most of the time in Yuma, but I also like Tucson. The winter gathering of our classmates at the Pedersenís is always fun.  I did not go last year as family illness kept me in Oregon and will not be going again this year.  I still only have 5 grandchildren. My oldest, Sarai, is teaching at Head Start in Cottage Grove. Tyler, Kyler and Kayla are all in college.  Kody is attending Thurston High school.  His favorite sport is soccer.  Since I have had both of my knees replaced and an old back injury has recurred, my square dancing has slowed down some, but I am still active in my club.  I still knit and read a lot.  I obviously like to ďcampĒ and do a lot of group camping with my family, square dance club and classmates.  The class campout at Black Butte RV Resort is great!


Evenson, Bob


CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Learning how to be retired here in Roseburg. HavenĻt been real successful at being retired--too young! IĻm currently working as a maintenance person for a specialty car facility. In the evenings and on the weekends IĻm building a large shop so when I do decide to retire, IĻll have someplace to work on my hobbies. IĻve also planted a number of fruit trees. IĻm looking forward to fishing and camping.
Spent a couple of years as a college student at Northwest Christian College. Got married June 15, 1963 in Springfield. Uncle Sam decided he wanted me in January 1966, so I spent 2 years in the US Army in the 82nd Airborne. Carol returned to Montana during my Army days, so we settle there for 33 years. I worked at a packing plant for seven years and then spent 25 years an a fireman for the Billings Fire Department, retiring as a Captain December 31, 1999. We moved to Roseburg to be nearer to family and to enjoy the milder weather.

    Iím still trying to completely retire.  Tried complete retirement for 16 months and then jumped at the opportunity to return to maintenance work.
    We traveled to Norway in 2009 to visit friends.  They acted as our tour guide for northern Norway.    I fished the Norwegian Sea and took a ferry ride into the North Sea.  We certainly enjoyed our visit.
    This past winter we tried being snowbirds for 5 weeks in Yuma.  We had a great time and will return some day.  We have dreams of traveling to Hawaii and in 2013 plan to cruise to Alaska to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

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