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Gardner, DeWayne
Jan. 3, 2009




Dewey DeWayne Gardner, was born Sept. 25, 1942, in Burlington, Wash.

Son of Dewey & Fern Gardner (deceased). Dewey passed away Jan. 3, 2009. Dewey is father to Stacy (deceased), Jennifer, Christie and Paula. Brother to Shirley (Ken) Crabb, Glenda (Ray) Praus. Grandpa and Uncle to many. Vern Fitzgerald was a dear friend and Earlene Jones, a special friend.

Dewey was loved by all - his sense of humor amused everyone who knew him.

He was never a complainer, although he had many health problems.

Dewey spent his last few years in the wonderful care of all at Creswell Care Center (a wonderful care home). The family sends love and thanks.


Garrison, Jim

Carson, WA








Gates Meyer, Agnes
March 18, 2010




Agnes lived in Neotsu, OR for many years.




Aggie  had been dealing with Lou Gehrig's disease which was just recently diagnosed.  She recently went back to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and they said that she was too far advanced and they could not do anything for her.  Recently she took a turn for the worse.  Agnes  passed away Thursday evening, March 18th at 5:05 p.m. in Anchorage, AK.  She had been living in  Anchorage with her sons with hospice care.   It's very sad how fast her disease progressed.  She will be buried in Springfield, next to a child she lost many years ago.


Agnes May Meyer died peacefully March 18, 2010, after a courageous battle with ALS. She was 66.

She was born May 15, 1943, in Seaside to Jerry and Violet Gates. She graduated from Springfield High School in 1961 and completed nursing school at Chemeketa Community College in 1982.

Agnes then relocated to Lincoln City, where she began a 25-year career as a Registered Nurse at the Lincoln City hospital, which is now Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital.

She is survived by sons Jerry Ralston, Mike Ralston and Jack Meyer; daughters-in-law Michelle, Monica and Tammy; two grandsons; four granddaughters; brother Jerry Gates; sisters Katheryn Haines and Violet Bryan; many nieces and nephews; and countless friends. Agnes was also loved by an extended family through the marriage of Jerry and Michelle Ralston.


Gehrman, Mike
Mt. Hood, OR








Spouse:  Jodi
Children:  Rebecca  age 11

Current Activities.   Owner and Operator of Wyeast Expeditions, a river outfitting business.  
  http://www.wyeastexpeditions.com   541-352-6951
I conduct school field trips in a 51 foot replica of a Native American dugout canoe.  I also conduct fishing and rafting trips throughout the state of Oregon.  I have a private plane that I commute between trips and home.  I recently retired from  ski industry management after spending 26 years at Mt Hood Meadows.







Gerlach Mason Tracy, Janet

West Hartford, CT

My graduation from OSU was followed by an internship at Massachusetts General Hospital in dietetics.  I married John Mason in '68 and moved to West Hartford, CT.  We have two children John 31yo and Holly 29 yo and both married.  My husband died after a long illness in '91.  I married Dan Tracy, in '96 and lived in Hong Kong for several years.  We are now both retired to West Hartford, CT and enjoy volunteer work, paddle tennis, tennis, golf, hiking and travel.  My parents still live in my childhood home so I enjoy frequent trips back to Springfield and renewing SHS friendships.  See you all at reunion.Janet Gerlach Tracy



Retirement continues to bring many joys.  We have the freedom to share time with all five of my grandchildren ranging from eight to six years old.  Three live in the Hartford area and two are in New Hampshire two hours away.  They all enjoy hiking in the Cascades with us or time on the tennis court, at the lake swimming or spending winter hours Nordic and downhill skiing or ice skating.  

Travel also brings joy to our lives.  Egypt and Jordon gave us a new perspective on history.  Northern India and Bhutan taught us more about their cultures and religions.  Antarctica and the arctic were our next adventures that provided beauty and wildlife beyond our expectations.  Kenya once again called and we enjoyed the photo opps of birds and exotic animals.  This winter we returned from three weeks in South Africa with a group of friends to enjoy Victoria Falls, wild life, caverns, hiking, wine tasting and beauty.  But being in the United States is always the best.  This summer will include hiking in Yosemite.

Other hobbies include two acres of gardens, paddle tennis, tennis, golf and hiking whenever I get a chance.

Trips to Springfield continue to be frequent with both my parents still living in their own home.  They are 98 and holding their own with help.  It is always nice to get together with SHS classmates during those visits.


Gibson Lundberg, Donna

Klamath Falls, OR

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Bowling, Crocheting, Craftwork, Camping, Travel
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Married first time in 1963 for eight years, had two daughters, owned and managed thirty one rental units, worked at J.C. Penny¹s for three years, divorced in 1971, remarried in 1975 to a school teacher and contractor, still manage books on the rentals and constructions co. up to the present time.  


Gibson Wrona, Terrina





Eugene, OR




Upon finishing High School, I entered College and gained 20 pounds! I transferred and finished with a B.S. in Occupational Therapy at Colorado State U. and lost 10 pounds. My first real job was in Hartford Conn., then onto Baltimore, Maryland at John Hopkins Hospital for two years in Psychiatric O.T. with an awesome on the job experience. That was followed by 3 months tramping through 9 countries in Europe, via the Euro-rail and hostels. Then back to the West Coast, (the more friendly territory to a westerner). San Jose was the first stop. Dorothy (Naylor) Stanley recognized me and took me in. Since 1971 Northern California, south of San Francisco on the Peninsula, has been my home. Dorothy introduced me to my first husband, and we wisely purchased our home in 1974. Two beautiful daughters were a result of our union, yes a divorce, (minus 10 pounds) and then his untimely death in 1996, (that¹s when the last 20 pounds came off and stayed off!) January 1999 was the finish of my first career, HMO¹s and now Medicare cutbacks required a change of careers. It was back to college and retraining in Early Childhood Education, let me tell you teaching and chasing 9 to 10, 3 year old for 40 hours/week does not allow joints and muscles to become stiff! In my experience, activity, diet and relaxation are the secrets of l-o-n-g life. Even better yet, is that close intimate relationship with God himself, for he has always been my safety net when the road was long and the going tough. I hope the same conclusion has been your experience.


Gilliland, Janice

American Fork, UT

2001   CURRENT ACTIVITIES: After being a Family Counselor for 32 years in various state agencies (State Hospital, Mental Health Center, Division of Family Services {Supervisor of an Adolescent Runaway & Ungovernable Shelter}) then as a State five County Domestic Violence Specialist, I retired early to begin a business with my son. We currently have two businesses.
   As with other small business owners, I have little time for other things. However I do travel some, enjoy family and friends, mountain biking, hiking, reading and still find relaxation at the piano. Maintaining my state Social Work license, I still do the occasional adoption Home Study for a private International Adoption Agency.







2010      There has been a significant change in my life since our last reunion.  On January 16,2007 I met  a wonderful man; so wonderful, in fact, that we married exactly 1 month later, Febuary 16, 2007.  (I don't have to sit around and debate when I see a real deal.)  Unlike many marriages, our relationship has only improved as the years have gone by.   We have enjoyed meeting one another's family and friends, traveling together, and greeting each new day together.  Blaine was an Electronics Engineer (he and a collegue developed the first digital scan converter from the analogue converter) and I was a Counseling Social Worker so our minds work differently.  We compliment each other very well.
   Upon retirement from Siemens in Seattle, Blaine had moved to Brigham City, Utah.  I was in the Provo/Orem area.  Thank goodness for the internet.  This past spring we leased that house and bought a home in St. George, Utah so we could be away from the cold and snow.  In St. George we can be outdoors all winter long.  As I write this, it is the middle of October and our pool is still open and being used.
   Both of my children and their families live in Central Utah, 3 1/2 hours away.  Blaine has two children in the San Diego area.  In spite of some challanges, life has been, and still is, very good to me.  From the time at Thurston Junior High, Springfield High School, Brigham Young University, working for the State of Utah in various agencies, my children and grandchildren, life has provided me with many wonderful memories of friends, family and events.  We look forward to making more lovely memories. 
   Later...I know I will enjoy all of these rocking chair memories. 


Ginter, Robert
Dec. 31, 1994

Robert James Ginter of Dexter died Dec. 31,1994 at age 50.  Ginter's cause of death was undetermined pending autopsy results.
He was born June 8, 1943, in Bend, to parents Carl and Rose Ryan Ginter.  He graduated from Springfield High School and was a resident of the Eugene-springfield areal all his life.
He worked as a welder for Eljay Inc.  He was a past trustee of the springfield Moose Lodge.
Survivors include two sons, Kevin, survivors include two sons, Kevin, serving on the USS Camden out of Puget sound Naval Station, and Robert of Eugene; and a brother, Gary of Germany.


Goats, Larry


Springfield, OR












CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Working at Springfield Utility Board (35 years). Hunting trips with brother and friends as often as possible. Working on the landscaping of our new home.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Hunting trips to Colorado, New Mexico, Alaska and N.W. Territories, Canada--Hunting for Elk, Caribou, Moose and Dall Sheep-- Some encounters with Grizzliest. Vacations with Darlene and my brother and sister-in-law to Hawaii, Hong Kong, Canton, China, Thailand, Australia, Venezuela, Singapore and Malaysia.

Written by Larry's wife Darlene Adams Goats   
Larry's brother traveled the world on business and earned free air miles.  He and his wife would use the miles to go on overseas vacations.  They always had lots of extra miles so, in 1988, they started asking us to go along with them...free airline tickets and either business or first class seats.  Before our first trip, I went to work at Bi-Mart on Mohawk during the Christmas season to earn money for our vacation.  That turned into 17 years before I retired in 2005.  I was the receptionist for 14 years and worked in the pharmacy my last 3 years.  I kept working just so we would have extra money to go on vacation whenever the occasion arose. 
     Our first trip was to Thailand, Hong Kong and a one day trip to Canton, China.  What a culture shock for these two naive Oregonians!  We loved it all though and were hooked on travel from then on. 
     We have since been to Australia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Caymen Islands, Singapore, Malaysia, Hawaii and several places in Mexico.  In 2002, I went on a European cruise with my Mother where we toured several European countries.  The highlights were Berlin, Germany and St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia.  Seeing the remains of the Berlin wall and standing in Red Square by the Kremlin was surreal.  I couldn't believe I was there. 
     After I retired, we went on a Mediterranean cruise that Wayne and Kathy Howard were on, too.  We went to Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece, Santorin and Turkey.  Several highlights on that trip were the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Coliseum, the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. 
     Larry is scheduled to retire January '09 after 44 years at Springfield Utility Board.  In May of '09, we are going to South Africa for hunting and sightseeing with his brother and wife.  After that, we hope to do more traveling in the U.S. and lots of camping with friends and family.  We have 6 grandchildren and one great granddaughter.  They all live in the Hillsboro and Prineville areas.  We hope to take them camping and fishing as much as possible since they don't get to do a lot of that now.  Their idea of camping is to stay in a yurt and take along the X-BOX.  We won't be taking the X-BOX!   Larry is an avid hunter and has been hunting in Alaska and Northwest Territories.  He hopes to do more of that in the future, too.
     We have truly been blessed with good health and a wonderful life and are thankful that we met each other 35 years ago.  We know God was watching over us and it was meant to be. 
November 2008 update:
     Larry retired from Springfield Utility Board Oct. 24th after 43 years.  He had planned to retire Jan. 2nd, 2009, but after the terrible mess and losses in the stock market (where his retirement money was), he decided to bail out sooner and try to keep from losing any more money.  We just got back from a vacation to Scottsdale, Az. to see his brother and wife and we came home through Las Vegas.
     Our plans to go to Africa next year have been postponed for a year because his brother and wife can't go then.  Instead, Larry and I are going to go to China next June for 3 weeks by ourselves.  We're looking forward to retirement together and hoping gas prices stay down so that we can do more traveling in the U.S. 

2010 update by Darlene (Adams) Goats 

     Larry enjoyed his 2nd year of retirement....happy to not have to be working outside everyday, especially in the cold, rainy winter months.  He really liked his job, but glad to not have to do it anymore. 

     We did go on that 3 week trip to China in 2009.  It was very interesting and a great experience.  It included a 4 day cruise down the Yangtze River to see the Three Gorges Dam Project.  Other highlights were Beijing, The Forbidden City, a walk on The Great Wall, the Terra-Cotta Warriors Exhibit, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

    May of 2010, we were finally able to go on our trip to Africa.  We toured for 3 weeks and then I flew home and Larry went hunting for a week in Namibia.  He was going to get 2 animals, but ended up getting 4.  He got a Kudu, a Gemsbuck, a Springbuck and a Zebra.  This was the highlight of the trip for him.  We went to Johannesburg, Soweto, Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park, Kruger National Park, Cape Winelands and Capetown.  We enjoyed seeing all of the animals.  A safari in some other countries in Africa would be fun and, of course, Larry would love to go hunting there again. 

   We both caught our first salmon this year.  Camping and fishing with friends on the Coquille River in September by Bandon.  Larry's fish was 36.3 lbs. and mine was 20 lbs.  Larry smoked most of it and everyone loved it.
     Our 3 girls, 6 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter all live in the Portland area and we get together with them as much as we can.  They all have busy lives and the kids are growing up too fast. 
     We're looking forward to 2011 and having more great times with family and friends.  GO DUCKS!!!


Goude Cate, Donna


Salem, OR

     I have three sons. My youngest who is 22, is living at home and is a great help to me. 
     I'm working 4 days a week as a Mental Health Program Assistant for Easter Seals Children's Guild. I enjoy gardening, singing in the church choir and love to travel. The most memorable trip was to Switzerland in '92 with a Work & Witness Team. Other more recent trips have been to the Cook Islands, a cruise to Alaska, Maui for Christmas, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and most recently Mazatlan where I fell off a banana boat at high speed! Sure won't forget that very soon! 
    I'm looking forward to the reunion but will probably only be coming to the Friday night event.


Graham, Darlene
deceased  1993



Gray Loebel, MaryLin

Eugene, OR

I have one son, 32, who lives with his wife in Tucson, AZ.
 I did not actually graduate from Springfield/Thurston, but attended  schools  there clear up to senior year, then went to Tacoma WA for a while. I  appreciate being included in the alumni because Springfield is still  my home  town; my dad still lives in there. Thanks. By the way, any other  female  military veterans of Vietnam era?
 Retired after 30 yrs w/federal government.  Now an "on-call" draw bridge tender for Palm Beach County, a great retirement job.    

7-22-03          Sixty years old...YIKES!  Happy Birthday to all of us!  A good time to update my profile since it has changed in the past 3 years.
      After 30 years with the federal government (Women's Army Corps, then US Postal Service), I retired in 2000, then in 2001 got a part-time job as a drawbridge tender for Palm Beach County.  It has turned out to be quite enjoyable.  Not too strenuous, mostly enjoying the view of the Intercostals Waterway, sail boats, etc.  So I will be getting a full time job next month, looking toward a second retirement in 5 or 6 years.
     My husband, Don, is a retired print shop owner, now doing freelance art work and typesetting at home.  My son, Chester, is now 35 and has moved to Bangor Maine as Art Director for the brand new magazine Maine Times.   And, we've become the proud parents of two adorable cats in the past year.  And so goes our golden years....


Since my last update:  I lost Don, my dear husband of 30 years, to kidney disease in 2006.  We were living in Florida, so after a while I realized I could come home to Oregon and moved back to Springfield in Nov. 2007.  I love being back home, where there is cold tap water, beautiful mountains, and family.  I went back to school in 2009 to get a diploma at Pioneer Pacific in Medical Coding and Billing.  It was fun being a student, but I couldn't find a job in that field, so recently have downsized and moved to a small apartment and am enjoying retirement.  My favorite activity is delivering Meals-On-Wheels 


Gray Green, Rachel (Rocky)



Springfield, OR


Delbert Green
October 30, 2012




Roy, WA


Delbert was diagnosed with throat cancer.  The cancer being a fast advancing one - they removed his voicebox.

His wife Bobbie said he had been in a lot of pain.


Green, Jerry
Springfield, OR







After Graduation I attended the University of Oregon for a year and a half majoring in education.  I then left the University and went to work in my father's business for the next year.  I had developed and interest in aviation and was pursuing a career in that as money would allow.  Also during that time, I met Martha Stanley and two years later we were married.  I then became employed buy a nation finance firm and eventually moved to Portland to take a supervision position for that firm.  In the mean time Martha gave birth to our daughter, Julia.  After two years in Portland I was promoted to a management position with that firm and was transferred to Madras Oregon to develop finance markets  there. 

After approximately a year in Madras, I took a position with a nation insurance company and eventually moved back to Eugene.  During the next five years we had our second child, Todd.  In 1974 I was employed by the Eugene Police department and attended the BBST Academy in Monmoth Oregon.  While with EPD I worked in the patrol division where I was asked to develop an Air Operations unit.  I did so and flew as a Pilot for the department for the next twenty years.   I eventually became  detective and worked in the  Property Crimes Division. After five years in Property Crimes I was reassign to the Patrol and Training Divisions.  I became a Field Training Coach, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and developer of the Mobile Field Force tactics used by the Department. 

During my  last five years with the department, I participated in developing a mutual aid Air Operations system between the fixed wing operations of the Eugene PD and the rotor wing operations of the Lane County Sheriffs Department.  I continued in these efforts until my retirement in October of 1999.  Since my retirement,  I  continue to work as a volunteer pilot and tactical flight officer in Air Operations / Search and Rescue with the County. 


Green Lund, Irene



Junction City, OR



CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Teacher at Monroe Middle School, computers and counselor. Drama Club and Chess Club at Middle School.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Graduated from U of O. Taught 6th grade for 3 years. Had two children. Divorced and taught 5th grade for 3 years. Remarried and had another daughter. Substituted for 6 years. Girl Scout leader, active in Lutheran Church, bought small farm on Willamette River where we raise sheep, grow walnuts and blueberries. Taught 6, 7, and 8th grades in Monroe, was the media specialist, taught at the high school (general math, home ec, health, journalism, drama and computers. Currently counselor and computer teacher at the middle school.






I have finally retired completely from teaching.  I officially retired in 2001 but it was such fun to keep seeing the kids that I kept substituting until this year.  I don’t really know any of the kids that are in school now, although I have had some of their siblings and even a few of their parents. 

We still have our little farm and that keeps me really busy and healthy.  We sold our sheep last fall when our lamb losses became higher than I liked due to coyote kills.  We have some walnut trees and some blueberry plants that we still harvest.  Our son has taken over some of our acreage and is currently planting a cabbage seed crop on it.

We are doing lots of traveling and have been through all 50 states as well as some overseas travel.  Did Great Britain last fall and are planning to go to Rio this fall if the airline prices aren’t prohibitive.

Our youngest daughter just got married in April.  Counting her two step children, we now have seven grandkids.  They all live in Oregon so I get to see them and every summer the grandkids and I go for a week on our own special vacation.  We have had some really memorable times. 

In the winter I do sewing and some quilting and a great deal of reading.

My husband and I are active in the Lutheran Church in Junction City.


Grigsby Darr, Michal




Salem, OR



Groat, Jim
                              Eugene, OR



CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Hunting, camping, enjoying my grandchildren, working on vehicles, enjoying retirement

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: 6961-1969 U.S. Army (France 4 years) (Vietnam 1 year) (Ft. Bening GA) 1969-1977 Tank truck driver for ARCO (Gasoline) 1977-1979 Self employed (auto mechanic business) 1979-1999 EWEB (mechanic 5 years) (Line crew 2 years) (Dispatcher 13 years) Feb, 1999 retired from EWEB. 1989 Built our present house and shop 1992 to Present Developing some land to build another house and shop for retirement home.







Gross, Elaine












My family moved to the SF Bay Area in the early 1960’s and I experimented with a “communal hippy life style” in Marin County for a first few years before settling down to college--AA Early Childhood Education (72), BA in Urban Policy Planning in.( 77).  January 2006, I retired after 25 years working for the State of California Employment Development Dept (Field Office, Labor Market Div. & Payroll Tax Div.)

Retirement is “Good”  At 68, I enjoy good health, live on the edge of the Oakland Hills near Lake Merrit. in the East Bay and enjoy daily outings with Chewy, my 3 year old black lab mix companion and other friends.  I also 

            *  Dabble with color, texture and shape in fabric art and 3 dimensional collage pieces, as I feel inspired to do so,

            *  Serve on my Condo Association Board, 

*  Maintain a small private practice and participated as a teaching assistant in a the Body-Mind Centering Yoga training program that meets for a week about every other month. I became interested in Perceptual-Motor Development and Movement Re-education while working in Early Childhood education and trained in several body-work and hands on healing modalities through the years while working for the state.  In 1995 I trained as a Body-Mind Centering (BMC) Practitioner.and Infant Developmental Movement Educator (a work developed by an occupational therapist and international teacher).

*  I’ve been involved with a and meditation group and spiritual practice since 1980. We built a retreat center on the edge of the Tahoe National Forest where we have held regular retreats for 30 years

*  Through the years I have managed to travel some.  In addition to family visits and reunions, I went to Hawaii in my 20ies. At age 40, I took a two week vacation in Europe traveling with a profession tour and then on my own with friends.  In 2007 I traveled with a friend and her family for a 2 week trip to Cambodia for her brother’s wedding.  In 2009 my sister and I spent 2 weeks in Ireland tracking Irish Roots and enjoying the local culture. 2011 I plan to spend the month of October touring Greece, Turkey and then traveling to Bratislava Slovakia where I will volunteer with a BMC program that servers 600 children a day.


Guempelein, Bill


Newport, OR


I joined the service with Bob Jones after high school.  After the service I lived with Dewy Gardner, Jack Hathaway and Rich Tennent.  After several evictions due to loud noise I moved home and started school at L.C.C.  I then moved to Ashland to finish school. My classmates at S.O.C. were Dave Hollandsworth, Bob Jones, Don Herman, Mick Risher and Eldon Hilficker to name a few.  I married in 1973 and my wife Kate and I have one son and two daughters.  I have worked for Pepsi Cola since 1974.  I truly feel blessed for the life long friends I made at S.H.S.    





I retired from Pepsi Cola December 31, 2009.  We live in the country so have no shortage of projects or jobs that have to be done, so keep busy.  My wife Kate and I have added two son-in-laws and three grandchildren to our family since the last bio-update.  Out children live in Portland OR, Canby OR and Encinitas CA while we still reside in Siletz OR.  We enjoy our family functions but have to do some traveling to participate.  I wish everyone well and hope to see you all at the fifty-year reunion.


Guiley, Ed

Springfield, OR

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: Enjoying retirement! Most of my time is spent taking care of the home front while my wife continues to teach. Enjoy taking care of landscape. When wife retires in a couple of years we will be able to do more traveling, etc.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST 40 YEARS: Worked various jobs and attended college (1961-1970), Accepted the Lord in 1968, Married Joan in 1969, Hired to teach by Springfield School Dist. in 1970, Daughter Kristin born in 1974, Son Mark born in 1982, Retired in June of 2000, Trips with family and friends throughout the 40 years.


Charles Gunter
Boron, CA






Charles had two children Brian & Renee.   He was married for almost 40 years to Lois (Ogin) Gunter.  She passed away  February 2007 due to complications of pneumonia.  He has 3 grandkids.  He worked for many years at US Borax, but is now retired. 

found in genealogy.com and written by his wife who has since died.
Charles and I were arried Nov eleventh 1965 at Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in Boron, Cal. A son Brian was born the following Nov. And daughter Renee' born in October of sixty eight. Charley as I call him workes at US Borax and has since I first meet him. Thats been over thirty three years ago. He attended Oregon high schools and did his service in the Navy. I attended Boron High schools and have lived in this town since I was two (thats fifty two years) in one town. LOL I was lucky not to have had to move alot. We have a quiet life here. My daughter now lives in Tenna back where her grandpa lived many years ago. Mr. Wheat and Ella were their names. My son workes for the school district at Edwards for ten years now. I usually stay home. Alot has happened during our marriage (ups and downs) like most. We have been happy together most of the time. We have two wonderful grandchildren Kyle and Krista. Krista is Miss Teen Kern. Quite an honor. They are good kids. My mother Anne and Carl Ogin were some of the fonders of Boron. The Boron Det was run and operated by them and my Aunt and Uncle Chwaz many years ago. It was sold in the eighty's but still remains standing under a different name. I have always worked local jobs around Boron. I liked working for the school district. Am older now and feel different about our home, friends etc. I guess age makes the difference. Am hopeing to have another grandchild someday. Before I get too old.



Tom Gwyn
March 12, 2012




Springfield, OR



CURRENT ACTIVITIES:   Love this retired feeling.  I spend a lot of time just puttering around outside and re-painting the inside of the house.  I guess you could call it re-furbishing an old fixer-upper.  Bonnie works as an LPN so I pretty much have the place to myself except for our Persian Cat and 2 Pomeranians that we have.
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE LAST 40 YEARS.   finding Bonnie !!!!!  Went into the service in 62, got the active duty out of the way.  Came home and got married in 66.  Had 1 son Rick, got divorced in 69.  Spent some time in San Francisco in 68 and became a hippie.  Went to work selling auto parts, and had to get  rid of the long hair.  That career lasted till 89 when I went to work for a door factory here in Spfld.  That place closed its doors in 94 so I moved to Redmond and went to work making door parts.  Bought a home in Redmond and 4 years later sold it for a small profit.  Got my knee injured in 97 and retired.  I met this wonderful red-head, and we got married in July 99.   Can't believe it took 40 years to find her.  In this marriage I gained 2 more sons and a "whole passel" of Grandkids.  About 14 at last count.  We lost Dad in 86, and had to put Mom in a home.  We're looking forward to seeing everyone Friday night.  Take Care You.   -   Tom

7-16-03          Hi Guys- it is with a heavy heart that I inform you all that I lost Bonnie to Pancreatic Cancer on Nov. 18, 2002.  Right now, I'm just taking one-day-at-a-time.  All I can do.  This weekend I'm having a garage/yard sale to relieve some of the memories.  I'll never get rid of them all, but this will help.  I got woke up at midnight, seems my Pomeranian saw fit to bless me with 3 babies.  Now I got to find homes later on.  Daddy and Momma were AKC registered, so I'm going to figure out a price for them when they're older.  I don't know if one of the black girls will make it or not.  Sure hope so.  Kind of weird, a cat person having puppies.  Oh well, money in the bank.  I know this isn't much of an update on the bio, but all I can do for now.  God, I miss her.

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