2016 Campout
August 24 - 28, 2016
at Camp Sherman, Oregon



The gang starts arriving on Wednesday and by Friday evening
everyone is at camp.

Friday night is dinner in Sisters.

This year Dave Sears' wife, Linda, joined us.
It was nice to see her.





What do we do at the campouts?

Lots of visiting, eating, playing games, hiking
and of course, shopping in Sisters.



Mel and & Sandy
brought won dingers again.

Shape them on a stick, which causes lots of laughter,
and see if you can bake them without burning.
Take them off the stick and fill with a yummy cream center.

















He playing that game on his phone again.






Dogs are welcome.






Of course, occasional naps are allowed



There is the night life around the fire.
These old folks are going to bed earlier then a few years ago.








There was a new game this year.






Next year we need more photos like these.



2017 Campout will be August 23 - 27

Plan to join us in your RV, in a motel room
or just for the day.


It's fun and relaxing.

Contact Mel & Sandy Paxton for reservations.



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