Desert Gathering   
March 2nd, 2014

front row:  Carolee Tomseth Campbell, Sandy Paxton, Phyllis Snyder
2nd row:  Sharon Prociw, Bob Campbell, Terry Snyder, Jack Starmer, Luwana Starmer, Jim Pedersen, Rich Petersen's friend Suzie
back row:  Melvin Paxton, Rich Petersen, Steve Hinrichs



Guests brought their home with them.

Jim and Sandy's home

Rain greeted us during the night on Friday and stayed with us through Saturday evening. 

It knew this was an Oregon gathering and wanted to make us feel at home.

We spent the afternoon in the shop because of the rain.  A heater was set up in the middle of the shop and it was very cozy.
Working in a cramped space with a bunch of inattentive seniors resulted in mixed outcomes.
When Dave Sears passed away his children put a book together for their mother.  She knew that Dave hated missing any class function so mailed the book to the Pedersenís for our gathering.  As the weekend progressed various class members took their turns reading the book.  When the book was sent back to Linda an enlarged picture of Jim and Eric looking at the book was sent with it.  The book was very much appreciated by all.

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